(2008-09-10) New Green Home Solutions: Renewable Household Energy and Sustainabl

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New Green Home Solutions: Renewable Household Energy an

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Cool Energy: Renewable Solutions to Environmental Problems, Brower, Michael

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The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook: Community Solutions to a Global Crisis

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Al Gore’s summer blockbuster An Inconvenient Truth, and crude oil prices soaring to all-time highs, more people than ever know the truth about our oil addiction. Global warming is here. M. King Hubbert’s oil peak is fast approaching (or may already have arrived). The secret’s out: fossil fuel reserves are dwindling and popular interest has created the need for accessible, realistic solutions. The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook, a clear-eyed view of the critical situation we face, offers ways out. Greg Pahl examines energy technologies currently available and homes in on renewable energy strategies that can be adopted by individuals and communities. Such cooperative initiatives have been common in Europe for years and are beginning to gain a foothold in the US. Each chapter focuses on a different renewable energy category–solar, wind, water, biomass, liquid biofuels, and geothermal–then reviews their advantages and disadvantages and desccribes numerous examples of successful, proven local initiatives. The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook is an eloquent appeal for community and regional action to initiate an array of solutions to energy needs until now controlled by large, distant utilities and consortiums. It is time to take back control of the energy and environmental challenges ahead; this book will help people do just that. It is a handbook for anyone ready to take the first steps towards a more sustainable future.

Wireless Outdoor All Weather Solar Speaker Energy Free Green Solutions

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Cool Energy: Renewable Solutions to Environmental Problems

Ten years ago, America’s brief love affair with renewable energy sources came to an abrupt end, the victim of declining oil prices and government indifference. But renewable energy remains the only viable long-term alternative to depletable and polluting oil, gas, and coal. Cool Energy provides the first major review of progress in the field of renewable energy technologies – solar, wind, biomass (plant matter), hydroelectric, and geothermal – since the mid-1980s. It analyzes their near-term and long-term potential to displace fossil fuels, and illuminates the role they could play in mitigating environmental problems such as air pollution, acid rain, and global warming.Energy-policy specialist Michael Brower argues that, with the right policies, renewable energy could provide as much as half of America’s energy needs within forty years. He identifies the market barriers that will have to be removed and argues that if the hidden costs of fossil fuels are taken into consideration, renewables appear to be a cheaper source of new energy supply than fossil fuels: the reliability and efficiency of their equipment have improved and the cost of installing, maintaining, and running renewable systems has declined.Brower devotes a chapter to each renewable energy source, describes its current application, and discusses its costs. He also analyzes new technologies under development and assesses their positive and negative attributes. Introductory chapters set renewables in the context of current energy and environmental policy, and the last chapter outlines steps that can help speed the transition to a renewable-energy economy.Michael Brower is a physicist and holds the position of Research Director for the Union of Concerned Scientists.