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Learn How to Build Your Own Green Energy Solar Power Panels Cells DIY Course Kit

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Clean Break: The Story of Germany’s Energy Transformation and What Americans Can Learn from It (Kindle Single)

The European Union’s biggest and most powerful industrial economy is making a clean break from coal, oil and nuclear energy. It is doing something most Americans would say is impossible, but already Germany is running on 25% clean energy and it is on track to reach 80 percent by 2050. Some experts say it could reach 100 percent by then.

But Germany’s energiewende, or energy transformation, is really a very American story that revolves around self-reliant individuals in a responsive democracy forging a national can-do vision.

“…..a riveting account of Germany’s energy revolution.” The Ecologist

“This book contains a nice combination of interviews, stories, and examples of how Germany is transitioning from a fossil fuel and nuclear infrastructure to a clean, renewable one. It is an important and eye-opening analysis that should be read by anyone interested in emulating this feat in other countries.”
Mark Z. Jacobson, Director, Atmosphere/Energy Program, Stanford University

In the US, we’re bombarded with messages about how renewables aren’t and will never be affordable or scalable. Davidson shows us how it is possible with a storyteller’s flair and a wonk’s eye for detail.
–Kate Sheppard, reporter, Mother Jones

Like a solar tower in a field of mirrors Osha Gray Davidson shines an intense beam of journalistic competence on perhaps the greatest challenge of our time….while renewing a practical sense of hope that it’s not too late to move towards a literally brighter future.
David Helvarg, Author of ‘The Golden Shore – California’s Love Affair with the Sea.’

“…..a remarkable new book on how Germany became the undisputed green energy leader.”
Bill McKibben, author, journalist, activist

While this is a book about policy from top to bottom, it often reads more like a travel book, a journal of discovery through a modernizing nation whose rapid progress was at times as startling to the author as it will be to you…..the Germans’ just-do-it attitude may be another key reason that their nation, so comparable to ours in living standard, industrial base, economic system and culture, has raced so far ahead in making the changes all Americans realize, in our heart of hearts, are ultimately inevitable.
Ron Meador, MinnPost

Learn to setup up a complete solar power system (DVD)

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Learn Sun Power:(DVD) How to Set up Batteries, Inverter, Charge Controller, and Panels for a Complete Off-grid Solar Energy System

If you want to put together a solar power system yourself this DVD is for you. Although it covers an off-grid system it is just as helpful for someone who wants to be partially on grid but would rather set up the system themselves. This is not an overview but rather programmed instruction. This DVD shows, step-by-step, how a 650-watt, off-grid, do-it-yourself solar-panel system was set up. The system partially replaced a 2-gallon-a-day gasoline-driven generator system and was estimated to pay for itself (based on the price of gas) in about 2-3 years. Starting from the ground up, it explains the importance of grounding and explains how to ground your system as you go along. Topics include: How to calculate you overall energy needs and how to reconcile them with what you have space for and what you can afford. solar panel math is explained simply so that you can calculate your needs in terms of: batteries, inverters, panels and wiring. How to re-evaluate and reshape your energy usage to fit what you can realistically afford with solar. Choosing inverters and charge controllers. Safety issues. What wire to use and why. How to set up your battery and inverter system first, and test them as a working unit before adding solar. What to consider when choosing solar panels. The difference between setting up panels and batteries in series or parallel. Using a combiner box to add additional panels later. Choosing a generator for backup and how-to equalize your batteries. How to test the specific gravity of your batteries. How to wire your panels. Lightning grounding. As well as system layout, washing your panels once they are setup, etc. The focus here is an easy to understand explanation of how to set up and independent, self-sustaining energy system that can support most of the needs of a small off-grid home.

Product Features

  • Region 0 DVD will play on multi region DVD players anywhere
  • Takes you step by step through setting up your own solar energy system
  • Easy to follow examples
  • Understand solar power math
  • Learn to evaluate your actual energy needs

Switching to Solar: What We Can Learn from Germany’s Success in Harnessing Clean Energy

“My vision is that when I fly up and down the state of California I see every available space blanketed with solar. That is my goal.” –California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, October 23, 2008

“We know that the country that harnesses the power of clean, renewable energy will lead the 21st century. We invented solar technology, but we’ve fallen behind countries like Germany. It is time for America to lead again.” –President Barack Obama, February 24, 2009

This is an inspiring look at how new ‘alternative energy’ policies are leading the way in the fight against the global energy crisis.

The looming threat of global warming may be the greatest challenge of the present generation. Confronted by the potential of such a massive worldwide calamity, the average citizen often wonders what he or she can do.

In this inspiring and optimistic story of a green revolution in the making, veteran science and technology journalist Bob Johnstone shows how the unrelenting efforts of a small band of grassroots activists have discovered ways to make solar a practical retail energy solution. The crucial driver for the adoption of solar energy has not been technology but policy. Focusing on initiatives in Germany, he describes the use of the “feed-in tariff” as the most successful policy mechanism yet invented to spur on widespread deployment of solar energy.

Turning to California, Johnstone reviews the efforts of policy wonks to create new schemes to make solar affordable at the municipal level. Pioneers in both tree-hugging Berkeley and golf-playing Palm Desert have united in common cause, and other towns and cities are planning to follow suit. As with other emerging trends, as California goes so goes the rest of the country.

Concluding with a positive view of the future, Johnstone describes the creativity of many startups fueled by venture capital. Innovation is being applied to every part of the process, from silicon production to financing and installation. The details may still be uncertain, but there’s no doubt that the solar revolution is underway.

Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell X7 Hydrogen Powered Car Kit Learn About Green Energy

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