Green Aqua Color Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet Good for Healing and Energy-91015

Turquoise carries great wisdom of basic truth within it. It is one of the oldest stones known. This is a stone that a person must learn to attune to instead of the stone attuning to the person. It is important that the owner of a Turquoise give it the proper attention.

Healing properties of Turquoise
Neutralizes overacidity
Alleviates rheumatism, gout, stomach problems, viral infections
Increases growth, muscular strength
Alleviates pain, relaxes cramps
Contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects

Product Features

  • 8mm natural turquoise stone
  • one size fits all ; adjustable, pull-tied
  • has healing properties,Good for Meditation
  • promotes positive energy


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(6 pcs) Pendant Orgone Green or Mini Towerbusters TB- EMF protection – Orgone healing energy

You get all 6 pieces….


Polyester resin, aluminum, brass, SBB copper coil, crystal quartz. . . . .

Orgone facts:

?Turns negative energy into positive energy.

?Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water.

?Helps plants to grow better, repels pests, and requires less water.

?Mitigates harmful EMF radiation.

?Disarms and repels predatory forms of life.

?Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced happier moods.

?Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares.

?Helps awake you innate psychic sense.

?Keep demonica entities out of your home and environment.

?Improve the moral nature of the people around you.

?Stop headaches and migraines and will improve overall health.

What is orgone?

Orgone is a mixture of catalyzed resin with metal shavings, poured into small molds. It is said to attract etheric energy similarly to Dr. Wilhelm Reich accumulators. Some people also add small quartz crystals to the mixture for their ability to make the energy more coherent or to enhance the working the the orgone. Thus orgone basically is a substance which functions as a self-driven, continuously-operating, highly efficient energy transmutation device, drawing in negative life energy and transmuting it into positive energy. The resin in orgone shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the quartz crystal inside which creates a well-known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal, meaning its end-points become polarized electrically, this apparently causes it to function more effectively as a positive energy generator. Although crystals improve the function of orgone, they are not necessary for the orgone to work.

Product Features

  • Orgone facts:
  • Turns negative energy into positive energy.
  • Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water.
  • Mitigates harmful EMF radiation.

Crystal Of Green Tourmaline Stone Gem Mineral Healing Energy Fossils

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