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NEW Geothermal Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment by William E. Glassl

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The Energy Gap: How to Solve the World Energy Crisis, Preserve the Environment & Save Civilization

Humans have a trait that distinguishes us from all other species: the ability to use fire. We turn on a switch and light comes into our homes. With the turn of a key, vehicles take us where we want to go. We adjust a thermostat in our homes to make us warm or cool. These are everyday events we hardly think about. It took centuries of vision, science and engineering to achieve this comfort-point in our long evolutionary journey. Today, an average person lives better than kings lived several centuries ago. As we revealed the facts behind global warming in our last book, The Resilient Earth, we take the same tack in out latest work, The Energy Gap. In its pages, we present the hard science and engineering that will close a looming energy gap for our country and the world. There is also a warning. If we chose the political route, the activist route, the human race will slide backwards for the first time since the Industrial Revolution. If we choose the correct path, as revealed in The Energy Gap, our species will continue its forward march towards a brighter future for all on Earth

The History Channel : Renewable Energy , Natural Environment Homes : Going Green Living – Solar Power , Wind , Biofuel & More : 2 Pack

In the young 21st Century, two realizations are dawning on the world’s population: we are hopelessly dependent on petroleum, which is only going to get more expensive; and global warming, caused mainly by our burning of fossil fuels, will impact civilization in ways that we’re only beginning to grasp. Stepping in to fight both of these massive problems are the rapidly evolving technologies that harness renewable energy. We will see how air, water, earth, and fire are transformed into clean, reliable sources of heat, electricity, and even automobile fuel. We’ll take an in-depth look at the most proven and reliable sources: solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, and tidal power. From the experimental to the tried-and-true, renewable energy sources are overflowing with potential… just waiting to be exploited on a massive scale. And unlike fossil fuels, they’ll always be there. //Inspired by the popular home décor magazine, this episode of the A&E television series focuses on how the lines between the interiors and exteriors can sometimes be crossed or combined. HOUSE BEAUTIFUL shows that, if carried out correctly, there is no reason the inside of a home cannot be as lush and fragrant as the outside. First, there is a look inside the home of Seattle architect James Cutler. As a staunch environmentalist, Cutler designed his home using recycled wood and other natural products. The same concept was used in the home of designer Nick Berman, whose house was constructed using almost all natural materials. HOUSE BEAUTIFUL heads inside a water tower turned into an environmentally friendly home. There is also a discussion of some of the best natural products to accessorize a home, including bamboo flooring and art from famed environmental painter Dodd Holdsapple and natural sculptor Sally Trout.

Energy: Its Use and the Environment

What is the impact of such energy issues as global warming, radioactive waste, and municipal solid waste on the individual and society? ENERGY: ITS USE AND THE ENVIRONMENT answers these questions, emphasizing the physical principles behind energy and its effects on our environment, and explaining the basic physical principles behind the use of energy, including the study of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, and atomic and nuclear physics. By placing energy issues within the context of everyday examples and asking you to define and support critical arguments, ENERGY: ITS USE AND THE ENVIRONMENT offers a provocative approach to this crucial issue.

Product Features

  • The “How Would You Choose” feature emphasizes the impact that energy issues have on personal affairs and electoral patterns. Introduced at the start of each chapter and revisited at the chapter’s end, this feature asks students to create and support a valid critical argument on a relevant energy issue.
  • Fully revised and updated to reflect the most current material, including: the impact of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the 2005 U.S. energy policy bill, increased ethanol production from corn, the reawakening of nuclear power, new information on fuel cells and hydrogen economy, and an expanded discussion on global warming.
  • The authors integrate the complex questions of energy policy and possible energy strategies. There are no simple answers or single alternatives that can provide all of our energy needs, preserve our economic prosperity, and protect our environment. Hence, questions (many unanswered) are brought up throughout the book to encourage readers to critically think ahead and begin to develop their own solutions.
  • The theme of energy conservation is emphasized with examples throughout, rather than in a separate chapter, because the efficient use of energy should be of utmost concern in every area. Practical suggestions inspire readers to evaluate their roles in using energy more effectively.
  • “Activities” provide hands-on opportunities to engage in experiments that reinforce the material covered. These are both integrated into the chapters and placed at their ends. Examples include the construction of a simple shoebox model to examine solar heating, an experiment to study heat transfer from insulated soda-pop cans, and an investigation of atmospheric particulates.

Geothermal Energy : Renewable Energy and the Environment [Hardcover]

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Wind Energy : Renewable Energy and the Environment (2009, Hardcover)

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Introduction to Renewable Energy (Energy and the Environment), Nelson, Vaughn, N

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Energy, Environment, and Climate

In this new study of energy use and global climate change, Richard Wolfson outlines basic science concepts as well as specific, contemporary applications in energy production and their environmental consequences.

Energy, Environment, and Climate is structured on the premise that climate change is the dominant energy-related environmental issue of the twenty-first century. Traditional concerns like pollution and conservation of energy resources are covered with clear, scientific explanations. Unique to this text, a full five chapters—about one-third of the content—are devoted to climate and an understanding of the energy/climate link. Included are over 250 photographs and illustrations.