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Build Your First Solar Electric System: Putting Basic Components Together to Power Electrical Devices

A step-by-step guide to building a simple solar electricity system to light part of your home or outbuilding, and power your computer and a dozen other electrical devices. This is a practical system to use in a cabin, campsite, or in your home during power outages, but can be (and is) used for certain everyday uses.

This book explains the basics of converting sunlight into electricity and takes you step-by-step in setting up your first working solar power system inexpensively. You’ll understand how to add components to your bare bones system, allowing you to make your system more powerful one step at a time.

Photos show you exactly what the components look like and easy-to-understand diagrams show how to put this system together and upgrade it to power even more electrical devices.

The author has helped to build this exact system, tested it, and used it exactly as described. Fifteen chapters explain how the system works and how to assemble your first system for less than $300. With scrounged parts, this working system costs almost nothing.

Green Awareness: Energy Efficiency, Comfort Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing

Every day the word “Green” enters our lives. We read about Green in the news, we see it on TV and we hear about it on the radio, but what is it and how does it affect us? When it comes to mechanicals, (HVAC/R, Plumbing and Electrical) “Green” means maximizing the energy efficiency of existing equipment, specifying the most efficient systems available for the application and the available budget, using renewable and sustainable fuel sources, and conserving water. Both commercial and residential owners want to be Green and reduce energy consumption. In fact, everyone wants to reduce their energy costs. Consumers want contractors and technicians to be aware of the various methods employed in reducing energy consumption and conserving water. They want contractors and technicians who are knowledgeable about energy conserving methods and new technologies. Green Awareness is designed to provide a basic understanding of Green concepts, terminologies, systems, and the latest in Green mechanical technology. The manual contains four main sections: Section 1 Core knowledge of Energy Management and Analysis Section 2 Green Heating – Ventilation – Air Conditioning – Refrigeration Section 3 Electrical Generation and Consumption Section 4 Green Plumbing

Advanced DC/AC Inverters: Applications in Renewable Energy (Power Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Energy, and Nanotechnology)

DC/AC inversion technology is of vital importance for industrial applications, including electrical vehicles and renewable energy systems, which require a large number of inverters. In recent years, inversion technology has developed rapidly, with new topologies improving the power factor and increasing power efficiency. Proposing many novel approaches, Advanced DC/AC Inverters: Applications in Renewable Energy describes advanced DC/AC inverters that can be used for renewable energy systems. The book introduces more than 100 topologies of advanced inverters originally developed by the authors, including more than 50 new circuits. It also discusses recently published cutting-edge topologies.

Novel PWM and Multilevel Inverters

The book first covers traditional pulse-width-modulation (PWM) inverters before moving on to new quasi-impedance source inverters and soft-switching PWM inverters. It then examines multilevel DC/AC inverters, which have overcome the drawbacks of PWM inverters and provide greater scope for industrial applications. The authors propose four novel multilevel inverters: laddered multilevel inverters, super-lift modulated inverters, switched-capacitor inverters, and switched-inductor inverters. With simple structures and fewer components, these inverters are well suited for renewable energy systems.

Get the Best Switching Angles for Any Multilevel Inverter

A key topic for multilevel inverters is the need to manage the switching angles to obtain the lowest total harmonic distortion (THD). The authors outline four methods for finding the best switching angles and use simulation waveforms to verify the design. The optimum switching angles for multilevel DC/AC inverters are also listed in tables for quick reference.

Application Examples of DC/AC Inverters in Renewable Energy Systems

Highlighting the importance of inverters in improving energy saving and power-supply quality, the final chapter of the book supplies design examples for applications in wind turbine and solar panel energy systems. Written by pioneers in advanced conversion and inversion technology, this book guides readers in designing more effective DC/AC inverters for use in renewable energy systems.

Electrical Theory for Renewable Energy (Cengage Learning Series in Renewable Energies)

Essential for anyone interested in a career in renewable energy, ELECTRICAL THEORY FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY presents a solid foundation of electrical theory and applications for both photovoltaic (PV) power and wind power in one engaging book. Designed to apply to electricians as well as individuals specializing in PV and wind turbines, each chapter provides a common technical language and knowledge base for all renewable energy practitioners so that all members of the team (i.e., practitioners, designers, installers and engineers) are able to work together effectively in the field. With multiple examples and opportunities for practice, this book covers the basic electrical theory that is required for you to understand any renewable energy source that generates electricity.

TED 5002-C The Energy Detective – Compatible With Single Electrical panel and Wind/Solar Installation

Product Features

  • Monitor energy uses from two sources, Wireless hand-held display.
  • Intuitive, simple setup directly from computer, Backlit display, Accurate to within 2%, Customizable display.
  • Adjustable sensitivity – user can determine kW changes – down to 1 WATT, Rechargeable Battery – no batteries to change.
  • View real-time energy data remotely via Internet, Solar/Wind Package – Net-Metering capability, Receives signal from multiple sources, Ties into Home Automation Systems.
  • Stores detailed data for export to computer, Accommodates all rate structures – flat, tiered, Time-of-Use, Seasonal (4 seasons), weekend/holiday, or any mix of structures, Stores and performs load-shed functions.

AS IS Goal Zero 32201 electrical solar energy Boulder 30M Solar Panel

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Green Communications and Networks: Proceedings of the International Conference on Green Communications and Networks (GCN 2011) (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering)

The objective of GCN 2011 is to facilitate an exchange of information on best practices for the latest research advances in the area of green communications and networks, which mainly includes the intelligent control, or efficient management, or optimal design of access network infrastructures, home networks, terminal equipment, and etc. Topics of interests include network design methodology, enabling technologies, network components and devices, applications, others and emerging new topics.