Solar Car Easy Assembly Kit. 5+ to Assemble or Disassemble a Solar Car, Electric Car and a Aa Solar Charger.

The solar Car W-08 is a great educational tool. It shows how a car can run on solar power or batteries. It also demonstrates how the power of the sun can be stored by charging batteries. The terminals can be hooked up in either a positive or negative orientation allowing a young creative mind to explore the very great possibilities and potential of solar power!

Product Features

  • 5 electronic circuits included: 1 solar panel, 1 car, 1 battery bank and 2 wires; Plus an assembly manual.
  • Excellent for demonstrating solar power in action
  • Eight configurations that show how the car works with and w/o batteries
  • 10.3 x 2.1 x 7.7 inches;12 ounces
  • 8 easy snap-on models to play with this kit. Very good cpmbination of solar learning and outdoor fun for 5+.

Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems

A solid, quantitative, practical introduction to a wide range of renewable energy systems—in a completely updated, new edition

The second edition of Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems provides a solid, quantitative, practical introduction to a wide range of renewable energy systems. For each topic, essential theoretical background is introduced, practical engineering considerations associated with designing systems and predicting their performance are provided, and methods for evaluating the economics of these systems are presented. While the book focuses on the fastest growing, most promising wind and solar technologies, new material on tidal and wave power, small-scale hydroelectric power, geothermal and biomass systems is introduced. Both supply-side and demand-side technologies are blended in the final chapter, which introduces the emerging smart grid. As the fraction of our power generated by renewable resources increases, the role of demand-side management in helping maintain grid balance is explored.

Renewable energy systems have become mainstream technologies and are now, literally, big business. Throughout this edition, more depth has been provided on the financial analysis of large-scale conventional and renewable energy projects. While grid-connected systems dominate the market today, off-grid systems are beginning to have a significant impact on emerging economies where electricity is a scarce commodity. Considerable attention is paid to the economics of all of these systems.

This edition has been completely rewritten, updated, and reorganized. New material has been presented both in the form of new topics as well as in greater depth in some areas. The section on the fundamentals of electric power has been enhanced, making this edition a much better bridge to the more advanced courses in power that are returning to many electrical engineering programs. This includes an introduction to phasor notation, more emphasis on reactive power as well as real power, more on power converter and inverter electronics, and more material on generator technologies. Realizing that many students, as well as professionals, in this increasingly important field may have modest electrical engineering backgrounds, early chapters develop the skills and knowledge necessary to understand these important topics without the need for supplementary materials.

With numerous completely worked examples throughout, the book has been designed to encourage self-instruction. The book includes worked examples for virtually every topic that lends itself to quantitative analysis. Each chapter ends with a problem set that provides additional practice. This is an essential resource for a mixed audience of engineering and other technology-focused individuals.

Harnessing Renewable Energy in Electric Power Systems (Hardback)

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Solar II: How to Design, Build and Set Up Photovoltaic Components and Solar Electric Systems

Now that you’ve built your solar panels, how do you set up a photovoltaic system and plug in? In solar II, Phillip Hurley, author of Build Your Own solar Panel, will show you how to:
Calculate daily electrical usage and needs
Plan and size your solar electric system
Build racks and charge controllers
Mount and orient PV panels
Wire solar panel arrays
Make a ventilated battery box
Wire battery arrays for solar panels
Install an inverter
Maintain solar batteries for optimum life and performance
Make your own combiner box, bus bars, and DC and AC service boxes
Solar II includes easy-to-follow directions with over 150 black & white photos, illustrations and schematics.

Build Your Own Electric Bicycle (TAB Green Guru Guides)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building an Electric Bicycle From the Ground Up

Filled with do-it-yourself project, this hands-on manual gives you all the technical information and easy-to-follow instructions you need to assemble and customize an electric bike.

Build Your Own Electric Bicycle gets you on the road on a reliable, economical, environmentally friendly ride. Inside, you’ll find complete coverage of every component, including motors, controllers, batteries, and frames, as well as details on soldering, electrical wiring, safety, and other essential skills. The book covers commercially available electric bicycles and shows you how to make modifications and upgrades for improved power, speed, range, and safety. Pictures, diagrams, and charts illustrate each step along the way. With this how-to guide on hand, you’ll be riding your own tricked-out electric bike in no time!


  • Energy savings and environmental benefits
  • Electrical, battery, and road safety
  • Long-range, folding, and high-power bikes
  • Hub motor kits
  • Motors, controllers, and batteries
  • Electrical connections and wiring
  • Brakes
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair
  • Performance and safety modifications

Parmak 901 6-Volt Gel Cell Battery for Solar Powered Electric Fences

Parmak Replacement 6 Volt Gel Battery Replacement Battery for Parmak solar Powered Fencer DF-SP-LI (BXF19). Item Specifications: 6 Volt, 14 amp/hour Non-Hazardous Lead-Acid Gel Cell Battery Replacement Battery for Parmak solar Powered Fencer Model DF-SP-LI Model #901

Product Features

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Fi-Shock SS-725CS AC Powered Light-Duty Electric Fence Charger, 5-Acre Range

5 Acre Economy Energizer For Pets & Small Animals.

Product Features

  • High power, low cost electric powered fence energizer used to break pets’ bad habits and keeps unwanted predators out of your property
  • Continuous AC current output.
  • Comes with a mounting stake for easy installation and plugs into a standard 110-120 V outlet
  • Range up to 5 acres under ideal conditions
  • Input voltage: 3 VDC, 13 mA. Output Voltage: 800 V +/- 20-Percent


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