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2010 Report to Congress of the U.S. and China Economic And Security Review Commission: Internet Censorship, Hacking Attacks, Trade, WTO, Security, Missiles, Aviation, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Green Energy

The 2010 Report to Congress of the U.S.-China Economic And Security Review Commission provides a comprehensive overview of ongoing controversies and problems in American relations with the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Topics covered include: security and trade issues; WTO; web and internet censorship, hacking attacks, economic influence including debt and American bond holdings, renminbi (RMB) / yuan valuation disputes, the Communist Part, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), military strength and new hardware, missile programs, aviation, possible threats to Taiwan, issues with Hong Kong, the development of green energy sources, and much more. This report provides the reader with an excellent review of issues involving China.

PROLIFERATION PRACTICES — The role of China in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and other weapons (including dual-use technologies), including actions the United States might take to encourage the People’s Republic of China to cease such practices; ECONOMIC TRANSFERS — The qualitative and quantitative nature of the transfer of US production activities to China, including the relocation of high technology, manufacturing, and research and development facilities, the impact of such transfers on US national security and the adequacy of export control laws; ENERGY — The effect of the large and growing economy of China on world energy supplies and the role the US can play (including joint research and development efforts and technological assistance), in influencing Chinese energy policy; US CAPITAL MARKETS — The extent of access to and use of capital markets by China, including whether or not existing disclosure and transparency rules are adequate to identify China companies engaged in harmful activities; REGIONAL ECONOMIC AND SECURITY IMPACTS — The triangular economic and security relationship among the US, Taiwan and China; BILATERAL PROGRAMS—Science and technology programs, the degree of noncompliance by the People’s Republic of China with agreements between the US and China on prison labor imports and intellectual property rights; WTO COMPLIANCE; FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION—The implications of restrictions on speech and access to information in China for its relations with the US in the areas of economic and security policy.

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