(LWZTech Recommend)5mw 532nm Astronomy Green Laser Pointer Pen High Power Bright Beam

This Green Laser Pointer comes in our beautiful Black Matte finish. Green lasers has so many uses:

* Astronomers

* Teachers

* Students

* Bird Watchers

* Presentations

* Tour Guides

* Construction Workers

* Scientific

* Military

* Security applications

* Forensics Investigations

* Play with pets (Dogs and Cats LOVE chasing the laser dot)

Use to point out distant points of interest Imagine a bright beam of light that is visible from up to 2 miles away!

It has a Class IIIa rating, this is the most powerful green laser allowed within the law. Featuring a high-intensity, 532nm wavelength and powerful output of <5mW, our pointer will shoot up to 10,000 feet (less in daylight).

Operates on two AAA batteries, included with a solid carrying case that will truly protect this investment. Class: IIIa Output Power: <5mW Wavelength: 532nw Expected Life: 5,000 hours , Solid Carrying Case and 90 day warranty.

WARNING: Laser Radiation. Never look directly into the green laser beam. Never point a green laser beam at a person. Do not aim the green beam at reflective surfaces. Do not allow children to use green laser pointers unless under the supervision of an adult.

Product Features

  • 532nm green light laser pointer. Class IIIa rating
  • Powerful output of <5mW
  • Battery: 2 AAA(not include)

5mw 532nm Astronomy Powerful Green Laser Pointer –Black(Include box + 2 AAA batteries)

Range in darkness: more than 1000 meters.

Power supply:AAA Batteries x2 (included)

Laser color: Green

Working Curreent:<60mA

Working Voltage:3-3.7v

Starting voltage2.6v(DC)

Storage Temperature:-10 ~40 centigrade degrees

Wroking Temperature:0 ~35 centigrade degrees

This high-quality laser pointer incorporates the latest technology in Green laser optics and Microelectronics.

Press the push button to turn it on,release the push button to shut if off automatically.

It will be used to point at any desired targets on projection screens, video monitors, and presentation graphics

Also can be used for forensics, illumination, indicating, alignment, sky pointing (astronomy) or just being cool

NOTE:Please do not perform the installation in the dusty environment. Pleaseread installation steps from the two tabs on the front and backprotector layers before performing installation.

Product Features

  • Laser Wave Length:532nm, Output power:5mw
  • Green laser pointer
  • Power supply:2 x AAA Batteries (included)
  • Safety Do not look into the aperture of the laser beam. Laser radiation is potentially harmful! Do not directly aim into eye. Keep out of reach of children
  • 1 year warranty

Brand New 2 in 1 5mw green powerful beam laser pointer 532nm + Star Cap!

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Green Laser Pointer Pen Bright 532nm Powerful Light Beam

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Powerful Green Light Beam Laser Pointer Pen 5MW 532NM with Star Cap!

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High Power 2in1 Green Laser Pointer Pen Light Beam 5mw 532nm + Star Cap!

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