Duracell Instant USB Charger with Lithium Ion Battery/Includes Universal Cable with USB and mini USB

Portable 1150mAh Lithium-ion battery for portable devices

The Duracell Rechargeable Instant Charger gives you compact, on-demand power. It allows you to instantly charge many USB-compatible devices, such as your iPhone®, iPod®, or BlackBerry®. The Instant Charger conveniently charges through your laptop or computer’s USB port and fits most mini-USB powered devices.*

*Consult device manufacturer for USB compatibility.


Get hours of backup power for your favorite devices with the Instant Charger.

Additional run/talk time* for:

iPod® Classic Up to 50 hours

iPod® Nano Up to 45 hours

iPhone® 3G Up to 180 minutes

BlackBerry® Curve Up to 180 minutes

Motorola® RAZR V3 Up to 180 minutes

*Based on music playback for iPods and talk time for phones. Results may vary by usage.


The Instant Charger is compatible with many mini-USB powered devices via the included cord.** It also works with many micro-USB and USB-powered devices using the cord that came with your device, including:


iPod® Nano
iPod® Classic

BlackBerry® phones

Motorola® phones

Nintendo DS®

Devices with a mini-USB port (note: some digital cameras have mini-USB ports for data transfer only and not charging)

**Consult device manufacturer for USB compatibility details.

Product Features

  • Mulitple charges for mobile devices. Fits any mini USB powered device. Also works with Apple & Micro USB device cords cords with USB tip
  • Up to 3 hours of back up cell phone power. Up to 50 hours of music playback
  • On/Off switch which efficiently conserves power.
  • Can be recharged 100’s of times

The sCharger-5 is a Powerful Compact Solar Charger that can Both Charge and Actually Run At The Same Time iPod, iPhone(3, 4, & 4S), Droids, HTCs, Samsung, eReaders, and Many Other Portable Devices Directly from the Sun

The most powerful USB solar charger that you will find in its class

Use the sCharger-5 to charge iPhone(3, 4 and 4S), Android phones and other electronic gadgets including GPSs, eReaders, AA and other USB batteries. It even charges the iPad in good sunny weather. This is the only USB solar charger on the market that can fully charge multiple devices throughout the day. No need to wait on an internal battery to charge. Just plug another device in and start charging. Thats’ it!

High Quality and Dependable

The sCharger-5 uses the highest quality parts for ruggeness and long life. The sCharger-5 only uses the highest efficiency, high current, solar cells. These are the same cells used in high output industrial grade solar systems.


See if any other small solar charger can match the same solar energy output in such a small package. The sCharger-5 sizes its solar cells properly to supply more raw output energy needed to charge directly. Other solar chargers use a small solar panel to trickle charge an internal battery, which takes forever! Their solar panels are too small and weak to charge your device directly. So they charge your device from an internal battery instead. When the internal battery fails(which it inevitably will, since it’s being baked in the sun constantly), you have to throw the whole thing away.


Use the sCharger-5 while camping, picniking, at the beach, by the pool, or even ball games. Use it to solar charge your devices when there is no other power available. Take it hiking with you to quick charge that iPhone that is running GPS. Use it for emergency power. Most of the time cell phones still work when there is no electricity. Be the only one with a fully charged phone!

Product Features

  • Charges direct from the sun to your device at wall-rates. Charge, talk and surf at the same time
  • Unique Auto-retry to address charging interruptions caused by clouds
  • Water proof, simple to use, reliable, durable, non toxic, clean and green
  • Sleek compact folding design fits in purses or backpacks, take your sCharger everywhere
  • Standard USB “A” connector, solar USB output: 5volts/1Amp (5 Watts) , Open: 6.25″x11.5″,Closed 6.25″x7.75″ ~8oz/230g, optimized, flow protection circuitry

Solar Panel USB Charger For Cell Phone/MP3/PDA Solar Panel Charger

Output current:1000mah

Computer or AC adapter charging through solar charger:5 hours

Charging Time for Mobile Phone: About 60 minutes (different brands and models of mobile phone is with different charging time)

Dimension: 14.5*12.5*4.5cm

Net Weight: 7.00 Ounce

Solar powered: 10~15 hours to fully charge it

USB: 3~5 hours to fully charge it

Package contents:

1 x solar Panel USB Charger for Cell Phone / MP3 / PDA

1 x AC Adapter

1 x USB Cable

2 x Adapter Cables

4x Adapters

Product Features

  • Chargering time:Computer or AC adapter charging through solar charger:5 hours
  • Solar energy board:5.5v/80mA
  • Self-charging through solar Panel:10-15 hours (Under full sunlight conditions)
  • Li-ion rechargeable Battery: 1350mAH
  • Output Voltage: 5.5V

Solmate Universal Portable Solar Cell Phone Charger

Solmate is the solar solution for power hungry devices. Hybrid Mobile solar Charger converts both natural and artificial light into juice for USB devices. Great for Smart Phone’s, Blackberry’s, digital camera’s, Nintendo DS’s. and more
Perfect for Power outages, traveling, camping, beaches and boating. Includes Universal USB, Mini USB, MicroUSB and Iphone/Ipad adapter.

Product Features

  • Works in Natural and Artificial Light
  • 2 ways to charge – solar and USB
  • solar panel, on and off switch, USB port, Micro USB port,

Soladec Hybrid All-in-One Portable Solar Power Charger and External Battery Pack with Integrated Ultra High-Flux LED Light for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Other USB Devices

Never be caught without power again. The Soladec is a versatile all-in-one hybrid solar powered charger allows to charge most of USB powered portable electronic devices from your smartphone and MP3 player, to tablets, e-reader, GPS and camera, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Blackberry, GalaxyS, Galaxy Tab and more. It has built-in high flux LED lamps with a power level indicator for indoor/outdoor use and can work as a SOS lamp blinker by choosing the SOS function from its power button. Designed to maximize functionality to meet the demands of the most tech-savvy outdoor enthusiast; perfect for camping, fishing, boating, hiking and any emergency. Easy to use and lightweight to carry. Intelligent charging system automatically shuts off when a device is at full charge extending battery life. At full charge the battery will provide most smartphones with at least 2.5 complete charges (actual performance will vary by device). At full charge, it takes about 2 hours 40 minutes to charge a smartphone (actual charging time will vary by device). Charge time to full capacity: approx. 11 hrs via Sun, 7 hrs via USB (actual solar charge time may vary greatly depending on atmospheric conditions, amount of sunlight, etc.). Built-in easel for easy stand and easy lighting. Included are Soladec Hybrid solar Powered Charger, USB Charging Cable, Carrying Case, Wrist Lanyard and User’s Manual. Technical Spec: solar Modue-5V, 330mA (1.65W), Shatter Resistant Tempered Low-Iron Glass; LED Module-0.8W (High Flux LED), Life Span of 50,000 hours; Internal Battery-Li-polymer, 3.7V, 4000mA (14.8WH)

Product Features

  • Latest generation ultra efficient monocrystalline solar cell module.
  • Charge most of USB-compatible portable gadgets
  • Built-in high-flux LED lamp for indoor/outdoor activities and SOS use.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery will hold a charge for up to 2 years, making it suitable for emergency use
  • Can be charged from sunlight, USB port or a wall plug

ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore External Battery Pack with Universal USB Charging Port for Portable Smartphones / E-readers / MP3 Players and More USB Powered Devices

A Portable Charging Solution for Your Device!

Smart, Compact Design
This easy to use, multi-functional battery pack lets you take your charging on-the-go. The ReStore is equipped with a universal USB charging port and a powerful internal battery that stores solar power when you’re away from outlets. Charge it up via solar power, USB port, or AC outlet to restore some juice to your device! The handy LED power capacity indicator on the back lets you know when your charger is at full capacity or how much battery life is left.

Flex-Neck LED Light
The solar ReStore is also designed with a convenient, side-loaded flexible LED flashlight to use when you’re out in the dark. It’s perfect for saving your phone or flashlight battery during camping or nighttime vehicle inspections!

Universal & Lightweight
This ultra-light battery pack can easily be stored and transported and will provide power to all devices that have a Micro or Mini USB charge port, making it an ideal travel companion!

Compatible with:

Motorola Droid RAZR , MAXX , Bionic , Pro , X2 / Atrix / Milestone / Backflip / CLIQ 2 , XT / Defy

HTC One X , S / EVO 4G , 3D / Rezound / Shift 4G / Thunderbolt / Arrive / Inspire / Surround / Freestyle / 7 Pro / Hero / HD2 / Desire S / Incredible S

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G , Note , Beam , S II , Skyrocket / Blaze / Infuse 4G / Indulge / Captivate / Fascinate / Vibrant / Prevail / Ace / Epic 4G / Transform / Focus / Continuum

Blackberry Torch / Storm 1 , 2 / Bold 1 ,2 / Tour / Curve / Pearl 3G

Nokia Lumia 900 4G , 800 / N900 / N8 / N7 / Nuron

LG: Lucid / Quantum / Revolution / Optimus / Viper

Amazon Kindle 1 / 2 / DX

Barnes & Noble Nook / Nook Color (OEM Cable required)

Apple iPod Classic / Touch / Shuffle / Nano , iPhone 3G , 3GS , 4 , 4S (OEM Cable required)

Product Features

  • External 1500mAh battery pack recharges up to 1,000 times from Solar, AC, or USB power. (NOTE: solar power can only charge 50% of the internal battery, which can provide a 40%-50% charge to your mobile device)
  • Provides a full charge to most phones, MP3 players, GPS, iPod, iPhone, e-Readers, Bluetooth devices and other USB powered devices
  • Includes AC adapter, Micro USB, and Mini USB charging cables
  • Convenient window suction mounts to optimize solar charging at home, in the car, or at work
  • LED Power capacity indicator lets you know how much battery power you have left.

PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger

Ultra compact, ultra lightweight and yet very durable, the PowerFilm USB+AA solar Charger is ideal for everyday use. The USB+AA solar Charger charges most USB devices. Proprietary charging circuitry maximizes charge into the batteries. It provides a full charge in four hours of full sun. Six grommets are built into the charger for secure fastening to a pack or to the ground. Direct integration of the PowerFilm flexible solar panels onto the fabric allows for easy storage into a pocket.

Product Features

  • Folds up compactly to fit into a pocket
  • Charges 2 AA rechargeable batteries
  • Charges most USB devices
  • Lightweight portable power
  • Includes 2 AA rechargeable NIMH batteries

Opteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin Solar Powered High Capacity (4000mAh) Backup Battery and Charger for Cell Phones, iPhone, iPod, and Most USB Powered Devices

The Opteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin solar Powered Mobile Device Charger allows you to charge your mobile devices when a wall outlet or USB power source are not available. The BP-SC4000 contains a 4000mAh lithium-polymer power bank which charges up via solar energy or computer USB port, and features 10 mobile-device connecting tips, extension cable and USB port making the BP-SC4000 compatible with most Nokia, Samsung, LG, Palm, Blackberry, Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Motorola, Sony, Bluetooth, GPS, various digital cameras, PSP, various eBooks, tablets, Nintendo DS, Kindle, and other devices.

Product Features

  • Will fully charge your mobile device using solar or USB Power

Premium Solar Charger – Ultra Thin Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger for Cell Phones, iPhone, iPod, and Most USB Powered Device – Also Includes Built-in LED Reading Light and Window / Windshield Suction Cups

The XTG Technology Ultra-Slim “Solar Portable Battery and Charger”
is the perfect solution for emergency power and power on the go.

The XTG-SOL1500 includes:
Built-in Lithium Ion battery that can be charged using the provided USB cable or using sunlight via the
solar panel.
USB output to charge your cell phone, smart phone, Mp3, Bluetooth headset and more on the go (using your device’s existing USB
Fully adjustable built in powerful LED light, ideal for reading and more!
A capacity indicator located on back to show charge status and remaining power level
Mini USB Charge Cable
2 Window Suction Cups

This is the perfect unit for campers, travelers, gadget enthusiasts, hikers, and power hungry consumers.

NOTE: The unit will only charge up to 50-60% when using the solar charging

Great for Emergency Power Use USB charging to charge the internal battery fully.

Product Features

  • Portable Battery and Charger – Charge Via solar Power (up to 50%) or USB Port (USB cable included)
  • 1500mAh Battery and USB output will charge USB powered devices including cell phones, Mp3s, & more. Output?DC5V±5% 600mAH Max. solar charge: 120mA
  • Charging and capacity indicator on back show charge status and remaining power level
  • Includes Mini USB Charge Cable & 2 Window Suction Cups. Ships in environmentally friendly, easy to open packaging
  • Features built-in twistable LED flashlight – Flexible & adjustable positioning design great for camping, reading, driving, & more