Logitech Professional Presenter R800 with Green Laser Pointer

Logitech Professional Presenter R800 gives you powerful control for high-impact presentations. The brilliant green laser pointer is easy to see, even on flat panel displays, projection screens, and in brightly lit rooms. Manage your time with silent, vibrating alerts and controls that are easy to set and adjust. Move about for greater impact, with a range of up to 100 feet (30 meters) you can cover every corner of the room. Navigate through your presentation with confidence thanks to intuitive slideshow controls you can find easily by touch. A storable plug-and-play wireless receiver makes it simple to get started—there’s no software to install. And when you’re through, the receiver stores inside the presenter to make packing up easy.

Product Features

  • Brilliant green laser pointer is easy to see on any presentation screen–even in a brightly lit room
  • LCD display with timer and silent vibrating alerts help you manage time without watching the clock
  • Up to 100-foot wireless range for freedom to move and mingle around the room
  • Intuitive controls for easy, one-touch slideshow navigation
  • Plug-and-play USB wireless receiver stores inside the presenter for easy pack up. Carrying case included

  • M. Erb says:

    Brilliant design and function with only one missing feature The Logitech Professional Presenter R800 is one of those tools you didn’t realize you needed until you get one in your hands.For any person doing presentations, this little unit is a wonderful device. Ergonomically, the design is perfect. It is small in size, light in weight and just fits in your hand perfectly. Indentations on the various buttons let you easily find the correct button without looking during your presentation. On the left edge is the on/off sliding switch. On the right edge are two buttons. One of the buttons is for controlling the start/pause of the presentation timer, the other is for setting the presentation duration timer. On the face of the device are 5 buttons. The top button operates the green laser. Immediately below that wide button are two narrower, but taller buttons that control the movement forward or backward through the presentation. And below that are two slightly smaller buttons that control launching the presentation and, if the application supports it, going to a black screen.The green laser is bright and relatively sharp. It actually is not a pinpoint sharp light like some other laser pointers, but rather a bit more diffuse. This works out to be an advantage because the lit area becomes a bit larger in diameter, albeit less “sharp”, which makes seeing the laser on your screen easier. It really is better than an intensely bright tiny spot. And as compared to the Kensington pointer device I recently reviewed, , it was much brighter overall thus more effective.One of my favorite and most useful features of the R800 is the timer function. Not only do you get a visual indication of the relative amount of time left, by a series of gradually diminishing lines, you also get a silent vibration in the device at 5, 2 and 0 minute markers. This is so handy and helpful that it has become indispensable to me.The USB receiver stores nicely inside the R800.I have used the R800 on my PC ACER laptop with no issues.Concerning Apple computers however, Logitech does not officially state that this is meant for use on a Mac. However it will work with most Macs as best I can determine. I’ve tried it with four different Macs.On my 24″, 2.16GHz iMac with Snow Leopard (and previously with Leopard) operating system, it did not work at all. But then I read about a possible conflict with the Logitech Control Center which is used for controlling Logitech keyboards, mice, trackballs, etc. I happen to use the Logitech Marble Mouse with my iMac and had the Logitech Control Center v3.10 control panel installed. When I plugged the USB receiver into my USB port, it was not recognized and thus the R800 did not work with the iMac. However, as soon as I uninstalled the LCC software (using the uninstaller that was in my Utilities folder) the R800 receiver did work.It also worked perfectly using IBM’s Lotus Symphony presentation software with my 2.4GHz MacBook running Snow Leopard.On an old 1.6GHz PPC G4 iMac running OSX 10.5.8 and PowerPoint from Microsoft Office 2004, it worked except for the start presentation button. But manually starting the presentation then using the R800 to go forward and backward worked. With Neo-Office v3.0, it worked perfectly… even the start presentation button.I also tried on a 1.2GHz PPC G4 iBook with OSX 10.5.8 and it also worked just like on the old iMac with Microsoft Office 2004.Whether the start presentation button works or not seems to depend on the application you use for the presentation rather than the model of computer you are using.Bottom line is check before you buy or it may not work with your particular Mac, though it does work on the all of the ones I tried it with. If it does not work on your Mac, then check to see if you have Logitech Control Center installed (check your System Preferences panel > Other)Logitech should be more forthcoming with the actual state of affairs as it pertains to Mac compatibility and compatibility with Logitech Control Center software but in the meantime, don’t assume it will work unless you can corroborate that with someone who has already had success with it on a Mac using the same model.The only major omission in my opinion is the lack of backlighting on the R800 LCD display. It would be desirable to have backlighting on the unit when operating in dimly lit rooms.This is a wonderful little device that stands heads and shoulders above its competition such as the Kensington Wireless Presenter . However it costs nearly twice as much as the Kensington. For my money, it’s worth the extra cost as it has a better…

  • Naderi says:

    All buttons work perfectly on MAC (Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint) I use MAC OS X, Snow Leopard 10.6.6. By default , all buttons worked correctly on Microsoft Powerpoint and Keynote except the Play button (start button) which didn’t work on Keynote.To fix this, you need to open System Preferences, select the Keyboard & Mouse panel, and then select the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. Click the Plus button to assign a new shortcut and a new panel appears. Add Keynote as the application (you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the list, select Other… and then find where Keynote is installed). In the Menu Title section, type “Play Slideshow” and then assign this to the keyboard shortcut of F5. When you then restart Keynote, you can click on the View menu and you will see that “Play slideshow” is now linked to the F5 shortcut (instead of the default Command-Option-P).Now all the buttons of Logitech Professional Presenter R800 ( I think also R400), work perfectly and without any problem on Keynote too. Hence, this presenter device will completely work on MAC OS X, if you apply the above trick.