EZOPower High Capacity 6000mAh 2-Port Portable Solar External Backup Battery Charger – 2A/ Black Orange for iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphones / E-readers / MP3 Players and More USB Powered Devices

EZOPower solar External Backup Battery is the perfect solution for emergency power and power on the go. It includes a built-in battery that can be charged either by provided USB cable or sunlight via the solar panel.

EZOPower solar External Backup Battery includes a 2 USB output to charge your cellphone, iPhone, iPod, MP3, Bluetooth headset and more on the go. This is the perfect unit for campers, travelers, gadget enthusiasts, hikers, and power hungry consumers.

Battery type: Lithium Polymer

Battery capacity: 6000mAh

micro-USB Input: 5V 1A

Solar panel Input: 5V 100mA

USB Output I: 5V 2.1A (charge iPad, iphone, smartphone, tablet)

USB Output S: 5V 2.1A (charge Samsung tablet, iphone, smartphone, tablet)

Maximum output current for Output I & S: 2.1A

Weight: 178g

Dimension: 130 x 76 x 16 mm

4 LEDs indicate battery capacity

On/Off button to start or end charging

Integrated microchip prevents overcharging

Package include battery, USB cable & adapter tips

(APPLE® iPhone®/iPod® tips are not included.).

Recharge this battery by PC/laptop/Wall or direct sunlight.

NOTE: The unit will only charge up to 50-60% when using the solar charging – Great for emergency power. Use USB charging to charge the internal battery fully.For best results, battery should initially be fully charged via USB overnight, or min. of 6hrs. It is also recommended to charge overnight via USB if battery has been stored or been unused for long periods of time. Battery will recharge best via solar panels under strong sunlight, which may take up to 20 hours in full daylight to fully charge. However, solar battery will maintain a relatively consistent charge under sunlight while charging your devices.

Product Features

  • Brand New EZOPower 6000mAh solar Powered External Backup Battery. Model # EZEBA17B
  • Recharged by solar panel under sunlight. Universal, convenient, portable, and compact external rechargable back-up battery
  • Compatible with most portable devices (Mobile Phones, Music Players, Portable Gaming Devices, Digital Readers, etc.)
  • Charges via included USB cable + Includes interchangable charging tips such as mini USB, micro USB
  • Recharge battery with PC/Laptop USB port. Rechargeable cable provided. Package include battery, USB charging cable & manual.

  • 0t says:

    Works Well Enough For Me The S and I labeled USB ports are a bit odd (different outputs– ‘I’ is for iPhone and ‘S’ is for android or other devices (standard?)) But it charges well, charges easily in sunlight or even roomlight (albeit slowly), and it has in fact saved me when I needed it. I can keep it in my winter coat pocket and plug my iPhone into it and it charged at a reasonable speed. I advise that you plug it in when you get the 20% warning from the iPhone battery, that will eliminate the likelihood that your phone will drain completely before it can get a reasonable recharge. You also have to check to make sure the unit is on for charging and that the iPhone charging icon shows up.I have not tried this on any other device except a motorola droid (which worked well). I don’t know if this will help for an iPad, which has a much larger battery. I suspect it will buy you some time but not recharge the thing.It’s a good price.Four stars–a bit finicky and not completely intuitive, but otherwise it was everything I expected and needed, built well in my opinion, seems fine for outdoor/camping/hiking use.

  • dame says:

    Great backup… I can charge my phone 3 if not 4 time per charge of this unit…. it comes with darn near every phone adapter, clean unit, easy to use, tough (good case)…..Im thinking of getting more as gifts for family..

  • John M. Paterson Jr. says:

    OK Seems to hold a charge fairly well. Lots of capacity. Had to return the first one because it would not turn on when I wanted and turn off when I wanted. The control was not as described. It was immediately replaced when I contacted the seller. The replacement seem to work better, but still won’t turn off when I press the button. Turns itself off after about an hour when not connected. Still retains plenty of charge so when I want it next time it turns on and charges fine.