Ycpower Mp-s23000 II Solar Charger 23000mah USB External Rechargeable Portable Battery Pack for Laptop Cell Phone

New Version solar Charger MP-S23000-II
The solar charger has a li-polymer battery inside to store the energy,so you can recharger your mobile device quickly in any place when needed.
It is portable rechargeable solar battery ,provide power supply for cell phone and other electronic products.

It’s convenient for travel,outside.
You need to recharge before using it to charge your mobile device.
1.By solar energy:
The charger can be recharged by solar energy when it’s under the sun rays or in the environment with light strong enough. 12 hours is needed to fully charge the solar charger.
2.By DC input socket:
Use AC Adapter connect the adapter plug to the mobile power input port.
Plug the AC adapter into wall socket
Solar charger can charging most device of 5V/12V/16V/19V:Laptop,iPad 1 2 3 ,iPhone,iPod,Samsung Galaxy Tab,cell phone,headsets,bluetooth,Mp3,Mp4,GPS,Camera,and more
Cautions before use
1.Charger the solar charger completely before the first time use
2.Before charging your electric device,please confirm the voltage of the electric device
3.Please make sure that use standard cable with appropriate speciation ,or it may lead to the mobile power damage
1. Internal Battery type:Li-Polymer 5159115PL*6 battery
2. Input:DC 15-20V 1200mAh ; Output: DC 12V/16V/19V 3000mA USB 5V 2100mA
3. solar charger:15V 150mA
4. Battery capacity:23000mAh
5. Dimention:8.74*5*0.83(in)
6. Weight:23(oz)
7. Standard Accessories:10pcs connectors for laptop; 10 pcs mobile phone connectors;1 USB cable,1DC cable,1 adapter

Product Features

  • High capacity of 23000mAh;A wide range of output voltage:5V,12V,16V,19V
  • Compatible with notebook,laptop,cellphone,mobile phone,iphone,ipad,ipod,Galaxy Tab,most mobile phone,PSP,MP3,Mp4,GPS
  • Solar energy and efficient solar charger circuit
  • Long life: rechargeable li-polimer batteries,up to more than 500 circles,later the power can still remain 80% after 3 month.
  • Multiple safety protection systemto ensure decices safety :protection for overcharge overvoltage.overcurrent and short circult