Solar Powered Battery Charger with Meter Charges 2 D – C – AA – AAA Batteries

Brand New Universal solar 11-in-One Battery Charger with Meter
Charges 2 “D” – “C” – “AA” – “AAA” Batteries
Designed for charging most popular types of rechargeable batteries: D size (UM-1), C size (UM-2), AA size (UM-3), AAA size (UM-4) and 7 different size GUM (Prismatic) Batteries!

Description: This is the most versatile battery charger available on the market today. The solar panel is incorperated into the hinged cover which can be angled for maximum sun exposure. It goes beyond ordinarily employing the sunlight strength to charge your Ni-Cad batteries. Its in-built meter shows you the following conditions:
-The strength of the sun
-The strength of the current out-put from the solar panel
-The time required to fully charge the different types of batteries

This battery charger incorporates a built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse flow of electricity from charged batteries during storage. It is environmentally safe, cost efficient and trouble free. The polycarbornate transparent cover makes the charger weather resistant. This charger is an ideal gadget for camping, fishing, boating, and picnics. It is equally suitable for home use. It is designed to charge 11 different types of batteries: 7 different thickness “GUM” (prismatic) rechargeable batteries and the 4 more common batteries: “D,” “C,” “AA,” and “AAA” size batteries. The table below shows more detail

Regular Batteries GUM (Prismatic) Batteries
D-Size (UM-1) 1500mA 5.6×16.4×66.2mm 600mA
C-Size (UM-2) 1000mA 5.6×16.4×66.2mm 720mA
AA-Size (UM-3) 500mA 6.1x17x67mm 650mA
AAA-Size(UM4) 180mA 7.8×16.4xx66.5mm 850mA
8.3x17x67mm 900mA
10.5x17x67mm 1200mA
10.7x17x67mm 1750mA

Voltage (VOC): 5V (maximum in full sunlight)
Current (Isc): 140 mA (maximum in full sunlight)
Dimension: 19 x 8.7 x 4cm
Weight: 260 Grams

Product Features

  • Charges 2 pcs of NIMH or NiCad “D”/”C”/”AA”/”AAA” size rechargeable batteries
  • With all weather durable fibre glass board 7V solar panel
  • With adjustable stand for adjusting the best angle to absorb maximum sunlight ensures faster charging
  • A blocking diode is built into the circuit to prevent the reverse flow of electricity
  • Batteries are not included

  • Alyssa A. Lappen says:

    Fabulous gizmo This solar powered battery charger is a terrific item for camping or just around the house. It’s a terrific energy saver, as it powers rechargeable batteries of any size in a matter of hours, and the charge lasts and lasts.We have been very happy with the unit. It is well constructed and sturdy, and will hold up to standard use. In other words, the plastic is industrial grade, much more sturdy your average Chinese battery operated toy.

  • G. Lupetin "ricoman" says:

    Not a bad alternative to a plug in charger, but… …you really do need full sunlight to get a full charge. I live in the Northeast, so the number of fully sunny days isn’t as much as in some places. As an example of what I mean by “full sunlight”, I had it out on a very bright sunny day and the meter read fully charging. There are 16 cells on the solar panel. If I covered just one of these 16 cells with my finger, the meter dropped to 50%. If I covered two of the 16, the meter dropped down to what it would be on a cloudy day – right near the bottom.I mostly tested it with AA and AAA batteries and they held their charges fine. But not knowing whether the batteries are fully charged is a bit of a pain, requiring you to get a separate battery tester. Fortunately these are cheap. […]Given the price of this item, even if you throw in the price of a battery tester, I’d say it’s worth having. Get around the problem of inconsistent sunny days by having several extra rechargeable batteries you can use while waiting for a prime day. Just make sure you have a plug-in model as backup in case you really need a quick charge. I haven’t used mine since I got this unit, so it seems to be practical for every day use.