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Renewable Energy (Types of Energy)

Renewable Energy: The Better Energy Source
In this ever busy world where the population continues to grow, coupled with rapid technological advancements, it is paramount to promote the awareness to conserve and sustain the energy supply through the use of green energy. Everyone should start to get involved even in small ways in order to ensure energy supply for future generations. What is energy? This is not just about the physical energy needed to perform daily activities. This includes the energy needed to cook food, drive a car, energy for communication, to use for gadgets like laptops, tablets etc., to supply electricity in homes, offices and more.
There are 2 types of energy sources: the non-renewable sources derived from fossil fuels, oils, natural gas and coal, and the renewable sources or green energy derived from wind energy, geothermal energy, solar cells, biomass and hydroelectric energy.
For many decades, people relied on energy coming from non-renewable sources, until it was discovered that aside from the fact that these resources will become scarce in time, the excessive accumulation of its by-product has a negative impact on the environment. Scientific studies revealed that when non-renewable energy is burned, the carbon dioxide it produces traps the heat from the sun, preventing it from leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. This causes the rising of the Earth’s temperature leading to a phenomenon called global warming.
Green energy however, is energy derived from natural sources that has been present since the dawn of man. These sources are environment-friendly because most of them do not produce waste or if it does; it is much tolerable compared to the wastes produced by conventional sources. Green energy sources include:
Wind energy – This is generated by wind turbines and is a non-polluting energy source.
Geothermal energy – This is heat energy coming from the bottom of the Earth.
Solar energy – This is energy generated from the sun’s rays trapped into solar cells and turns it into electrical power.
Hydroelectric or Tidal energy – Generated through water turbines that is propelled by strong water current or tides.
Biomass –This is energy created from fermented animal wastes, agricultural crops, grains and other natural products. Like geothermal energy, this also produces waste.
Although the above types of energy are naturally available, it doesn’t mean that they can fully satisfy the worldwide consumption and replace conventional energy sources. Not yet at least. It is harder to generate large quantities of green energy compared to conventional energy because it mainly relies on the geographic features of a location and its weather patterns. It is also more expensive to set up the facilities and equipment for generating green energy. Despite this fact, ordinary people can still make a huge difference by doing simple energy conservation listed below:
1. Unplugging appliances that are not in use. Appliances on standby mode also consume energy.
2. Using sunlight wisely. Opening of the shades and blinds during sunny days to allow natural light and heat inside the house.
3. Always turn off the lights when leaving a room.
4. Use CFL bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Light) as they are more energy efficient and they last longer.
5. Limit driving the car especially to nearby places. A better option is to ride a bike, ride on public transport or just walk.
6. Opt for hybrid cars or use LPG to fuel the car.
7. Share these energy conservation techniques to friends and relatives.
In conclusion, Green energy is a promising source of renewable energy and it helps to preserve our environment. It may not be able to satisfy worldwide energy consumption today but if everyone is aware of it, and is doing something to make it happen, it has the potential to replace the use of conventional energy sources. This will ensure abundant energy sources for future generations

Energy: Its Use and the Environment

What is the impact of such energy issues as global warming, radioactive waste, and municipal solid waste on the individual and society? ENERGY: ITS USE AND THE ENVIRONMENT answers these questions, emphasizing the physical principles behind energy and its effects on our environment, and explaining the basic physical principles behind the use of energy, including the study of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, and atomic and nuclear physics. By placing energy issues within the context of everyday examples and asking you to define and support critical arguments, ENERGY: ITS USE AND THE ENVIRONMENT offers a provocative approach to this crucial issue.

Product Features

  • The “How Would You Choose” feature emphasizes the impact that energy issues have on personal affairs and electoral patterns. Introduced at the start of each chapter and revisited at the chapter’s end, this feature asks students to create and support a valid critical argument on a relevant energy issue.
  • Fully revised and updated to reflect the most current material, including: the impact of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the 2005 U.S. energy policy bill, increased ethanol production from corn, the reawakening of nuclear power, new information on fuel cells and hydrogen economy, and an expanded discussion on global warming.
  • The authors integrate the complex questions of energy policy and possible energy strategies. There are no simple answers or single alternatives that can provide all of our energy needs, preserve our economic prosperity, and protect our environment. Hence, questions (many unanswered) are brought up throughout the book to encourage readers to critically think ahead and begin to develop their own solutions.
  • The theme of energy conservation is emphasized with examples throughout, rather than in a separate chapter, because the efficient use of energy should be of utmost concern in every area. Practical suggestions inspire readers to evaluate their roles in using energy more effectively.
  • “Activities” provide hands-on opportunities to engage in experiments that reinforce the material covered. These are both integrated into the chapters and placed at their ends. Examples include the construction of a simple shoebox model to examine solar heating, an experiment to study heat transfer from insulated soda-pop cans, and an investigation of atmospheric particulates.

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