CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra [Old Version]

CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra is the world’s fastest video editing software! With a revamped TrueVelocity rendering engine that’s faster than ever, along with the richest end-to-end 3D editing suite available, PowerDirector 10 is redefining digital video editing. Join over 2,000,000 users and experience first-hand the award-winning performance and professional-quality features PowerDirector has to offer.

Product Features

  • Windows 8 compatible
  • Faster Rendering with TrueVelocity 2: Cutting-edge engineering has resulted in a significant speed increase for the worlds most effective & powerful 64-bit video rendering engine
  • Pro-Quality Editing: No matter how simple or complex your project is, you can professionally edit your video and audio tracks using a huge variety of tools, transitions and effects all on PowerDirectors flexible 100 track timeline.
  • Import All the Latest 3D Content: Support for all kinds of 3D content whether from files or straight from 3D cameras/phones. Even convert your 2D videos & photos to 3D with TrueTheater® 3D
  • Every Step in 3D: Capture, import, edit, produce, burn and share all in 3D. Nine unique 3D features you wont find anywhere else! Output to 3D Formats: Burn to industry standard 3D Blu-ray, 3D AVCHD or 3D DVD discs and watch on 3DTV

  • Martino says:

    Definitely the Best First off, I do not work for or have any affiliation with CyberLink. Having said that, I have to agree with K. Henderson’s review. I also had the previous version and did a review of it. I almost always look at reviews because many times it helps me to make an informed decision on a certain product. I appreciate people taking the time to give their opinions and I am hoping that I may help someone who is thinking about buying this software. I just ordered this software after downloading the trial version. Amazon had a great price on it that beat the update version so I ordered the full version from them. I see today that that deal is no longer available. I was not even thinking of buying the new version because I thought the advantage was only with burning 3D. Since I do not burn in 3D, I was not really interested. However, I read some of the reviews here and other places and they said it was faster. So I downloaded the trial version. I am now into burning high definition Blu Rays and this software is the best and fastest that I have used. I went from almost two hours to do a 25 Gig Blu Ray with PowerDirector 9 Ultra to a little over an hour with this newer version. To me, that was pretty significant and the reason I ordered the newer version. I cannot comment as much on DVDs but I did not have any problems with them with PowerDirector 9. As to customer service, I cannot comment on that either as I have never contacted them regarding any problems. I do see that they have monitored some reviews and offered some help, which is encouraging, especially if they are following up with any complaints. I do believe that some people have a problem with CyberLink because they have used some of their free software that came with their computers. Most of that free software was trimmed down versions and did not offer much. I used some of it before and it was never as good as Sony for making good movies. So I believe there is a stigma for some people. However, that has all changed with these Ultra programs. The programs really do take advantage of the 64 bit technology and produce great high definition blu ray movies. The other problem is that some people say the software is buggy. To a degree that is true and I have had it stop working on rare occasions, however, when I loaded it back up, 9 times out of 10, the program will reopen and everything will be back on the time line. Most of the time the crash occurs because I tried to load too many videos at one time. I had the same problem with Sony on occasions also. So, the best thing is to load a few at a time (maybe 5 or 6 large videos), then some more. The other thing is that when you have them on a time line, just save your project occasionally. Name it the first time and every so often hit save project just in case. It takes very little time to do that and the software saves it in just a few seconds. That way if it does stop working, just restart the program and load your project unless of course it does it for you. Finally, I believe that some of the problems that people may be experiencing is do to their hardware. I had more problems with my older computer with crashing on old versions. Most people that are running Windows 7, 64 bit, should have plenty of power to utilize this software but with high definition, more is always better. I have an Intel(R)Core(TM)i7CPU, with 12.0 GB of physical memory and I cannot believe how well PowerDirector 10 Ultra works. I have never bought a newer version of a piece of software so soon, but the better speed convinced me that this was well worth the upgrade. For me this software is amazing. PC Magazine has rated it as their top choice for consumer video-editing software and I have to agree with their assessment. I am not sure what is happening on some of the negative reviews but I hope those issues get worked out so that they can see the power of this new version. My best advice to those thinking about purchasing this software, is to download CyberLink’s trial version to see how it works on your computer. That was the only reason that I decided to buy it in the first place, because it worked so well. Update: Today (12/23/11) I burned high definition videos to DVD. The movie almost filled up the DVD (probably 3 quarters). It took 28 minutes and 30 seconds exactly from start to finish. I also made two extra copies. Since it did not have to render the two copies again, the total time for all three DVDs was just under 41 minutes. Very satisfied with the time and the DVDs turned out beautiful.

  • Michael S. Burgess says:

    Does many things well, some not. I have been using Pinnacle Studio 12 for the past three years, and before that Pinnacle Studio 8. Prior to purchasing Power Director 10, I tried several different video editors, by downloading their free trials. They all had problems of one sort or another. After a process of elimination, I ended up purchasing Power Director 10 Ultra. I have used this product now for a couple of months, on four seperate projects and have the following review:The product produces a very good picture on my plasma and very good sound on my home theater system when I have made an AVCHD DVD from my AVCHD camcorder. The colors and sharpness are excellent, while the sound is deep and full. PD10 renders AVCHD fairly quickly, producing the AVCHD DVD the quickest of any editing program I have tried (costing under $150). Other things I like about the program include the subtitles working well, as do the chapters. Both are easy to work with. The main titles are OK, but not as nice as some of the other programs had. The included music is limited, with only a very few free tracks. Any thing more costs $. Their customer service is good, with emailing the easiest way of contacting them.Things I am not wild about include:The openning menu is buggy in that it sometimes works when clicking on it on the finest video, and sometimes not. I have run into a number of examples of the music track not syncing with the seperate video track. When I add a seperate music track, I run into this problem. Every time I go back and realign them and then play it again, they are out of sync once again. Have not come up with a solution yet. Most of these video editing programs are somewhat unstable to varying degrees, and PD10 is no exception. I have had it crash on me twice so far. Luckily, I always save my projects every few minutes as I work on them. One last thing; the last project was an AVCHD video that was 51 minutes long. When trying to burn it onto a dual layer disc, the program would not complete the burning, even though I had 2-4 minutes of free space left on the DVD. After completely rendering and completing 3/4 of the burning process, it would quit the process and the DVD would not have any workable video on it. I have not run into anything like that on any other program before.So there you have it. Three stars out of five. An OK rating, but not quite what I had hoped. On shorter AVCHD projects it works pretty well, but on longer projects that come close to maxing out the DVD, not so well. Have not tested burning my projects as SD DVDs yet.