Clean Energy Common Sense: An American Call to Action on Global Climate Change

Inspired by Thomas Paine’s classic, Common Sense, Frances Beinecke provides a concise account of what is at stake in the climate change debate. The impact of global climate change extends beyond environmental destruction. She challenges all Americans to demand a clean and sustainable energy future before it is too late. Doing so will help put Americans back to work, reduce our reliance on foreign oil, and create a healthier planet, for ourselves and our children.

  • Stefania says:

    Better than Al Gore This lively, well-written primer is a must for anyone who wants to understand the facts about climate change. As up-to-date as this morning’s headlines, it pulls together all the current research so that readers can make up their own minds. If an informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny (as somebody said, or should have), then the $9.95 invested in this book will be a lot more efficient than the Pentagon budget.Stefania

  • Alexis Goldstone says:

    Quick and Compelling This is easily the best book I have read on the topic of climate change. The narrative is compelling and reads easily, but the concepts presented are some of the most important and complex of our time. Beinecke provides a clear and concise presentation of facts that will affect not just our children’s and their children’s world, but the world we live in today. Bravo!

  • D. Hinerfeld says:

    I love this book! Clean Energy Common Sense is fantastic. It distills the latest science, the best informed analysis, and the most thoughtful predictions into a brisk essay that actually leaves one feeling hopeful about the future and inspired to act. Beinecke and Deans don’t pull punches about the grim prospects that await us if we continue to dither. But they layout a clear roadmap that we can use to navigate toward a clean energy future if, collectively, we can only summon the political will. And this book should go a long way toward creating that political will. I highly recommend Clean Energy Common Sense to anyone who wants to participate in solving the great challenge of our generation.