Applied Nutrition Dual Action Cleanse with Green Tea Fat Burner Bonus

As Seen on TV, the best selling cleanse Dual-Action Cleanse, with the Total Body Purifier and Colon Clear. Millions of people have already benefited from a powerful message seen on TV across the country. The message is simple. You can have a flatter abdomen, less bloating, feel energized and feel clean and light inside. Dual-Action Cleanse is a two-part program combining more than 50 botanical ingredients. It leaves you feeling internally clean and energized. Our bodies have multiple routes of detoxification. Poor diets and environmental pollutants can overwhelm these systems. Total Body Purifier helps support the rest of your body’s overall wellness. It contains ingredients like Milk Thistle extract which helps support the liver, one of the key pathways for detoxification. The enzyme blend promotes less bloating and gas. A modern diet of processed low fiber, chemical filled food actually slows the digestive system and “clogs us up” inside. It can even make our abdomen look bloated and distended, since many of us carry around unneeded compacted matter in our colon. Colon Clear is formulated with a combination of gentle herbs to unclog and cleanse your digestive system using your body’s own powers of peristaltic movement. This will promote elimination and healthy digestion.

Product Features

  • Flatter Abdomen, Less Bloating , Feel Energized , Feel Clean Inside
  • Contains Anti-Gas/Anti-Bloat Enzymes
  • Bottle One: Total Body Purifier 60 Tablets
  • Bottle Two: Colon Clear 90 Tablets
  • Bonus Product Inside – 30 Count Liquid Soft-Gel Green Tea Fat Burner

  • Paul Ross says:

    Cleans you out, thats for sure! This colon cleanse product is no joke. the negative is that I spent more time on the toilet than I care to share with fellow amazon shoppers. Although that’s the point of this product isn’t it, so I guess I cannot complain too much. The positives is that I felt no cramping, no unexpected side effects of any kind.I really liked the idea of the green tea capsules and that;s why I decided on this brand. Although, you basically only get a two week supply so keep that in mind if you plan on continuing a weight loss plan after your done with the cleanse. This was the first step in a new holistic training program for me and so far I have feel fantastic.I continued the green tea extract as they are great for energy without the stimulant effect caffeine gives me. Also started the raspberry ketones which are also working better than expected (). I haven’t tried other colon cleanse systems nor have I tried other weight loss supplements, all new for me, but my experiences have been nothing but positive up to this point.

  • Jeri Holder says:

    I reccomend this to anyone and everyone “MY FRIEND” has had a problem using the bathroom for years, Since she was young. Plus she takes medication that doesn’t help. A few years ago she got this over the phone (infomercial) and it was so expensive. But it worked better than any prescriptions her DR. gave her. She has been taken this for over 6 years and swears by it. I know for a fact it works and all you do is take 1 in the morning of the Colon Cleanse and 1 at night. And take the Total Body Purifier 1 in the am. The fat burner is just a added bonus. If taking the 1 of the colon cleanse doesn’t work at first, take 2. Just follow the directions and it will help. Good luck and you will be feeling better in no time.

  • BKD says:

    GREAT PRODUCT I have used this product off and on for a year and it really helps with bloating. I will continue ordering through because it is so much more reasonable than any other site.