Sunlite SL24/G 24 Watt Spiral Energy Saving CFL Light Bulb Medium Base Green

24 watt 120 volt Medium Screw (E26) Base Green Swirl Twist / Spiral Compact Fluorescent Sunlite Light Bulb

Product Features

  • 24-Watt, 120 Volt
  • 100-Watt incandescent equivalent
  • 8,000 hour average lamp life
  • Eye Catching Green Light, Medium Base
  • SL24/G

  • Atlanta Network Guy says:

    A little less power than advertised, but works fine At first I was a little disappointed at the amount of light delivered, but I took some measurements and realized the eye is a poor judge of illumination in a a dark room. My previous 13 watt bug light measured 13 watts true power draw and delivered 83 lux at one meter distance. These bulbs measured 23 watts true power draw, not the 24 advertised, but no big deal. In both cases I let the bulbs warm up for five minutes before measuring. These bulbs delivered 141 lux at one meter, or just about right relative to the bulb it replaced. When I placed the order, I had wondered if I had not overdone it, and would light up the outdoors like Broadway. My worries were pre-mature. The two lights on either side of the door do a better job of lighting up the immediate area than the 13 watt bulbs did, but sunglasses absolutely not needed.I ordered 5 of these bulbs, they are all uniform in color and do not attract more than the occasional bug, so they are doing their job. They have no defects I can find and appear to have been well built. No loose parts or strange rattles. They use the T6 tube and a large-ish base, so these are NOT the new technology space saving CFLs that are almost as small as an incandescent bulb. They are not for tight spaces but there should be no problem getting them to fit in a typical outdoor fixture with room to spare. I haven’t yet owned these 24 hours yet, but my previous experience with CFL (I was an early adopter – I have been using CFLs for many years) is that if they last 5 minutes, they last at least the rated lifespan. In fact, I have a 13 watt white CFL that we use as a night lamp, and it’s been burning 24X7 for 12 years straight, so I’m generally happy that CFLs in general last for the life span promised.Update – I’ve seen these work in cold weather now, at 20 degrees F, which is about as cold as it ever gets in this part of the country, and I am quite satisfied with how they performed. Like all CFLs, they start weak in the cold, about 20% brightness by my perception, but quickly rise to about 90% in about a minute (again, just my perception, no measurements) and are at full brightness in about 2 minutes. I have older CFL floodlights that take about 15 minutes to rise to full brightness at that temperature, so I find this impressive.

  • wpcustreview says:

    Better results than expected The light is brighter than expected given the color. Flying insects swarmed the original CF bulb. There are no insects in sight when this bulb was installed.