Power Pro 8 -Pounds – 150 yard (Moss green)

PowerPro is the Premier Micro Braid fishing line available. It has a patented body enhancing process that enables the angler to utilize standard knots, reduces line tangle, does not damage guides, casts farther, absorbs less water, does not dig itself into your reel, is equally suitable for either spinning or casting applications, almost complete lack of stretch provides extreme sensitivity.

Product Features

  • Moss green.
  • Innovative box design allows for you to spool your reel right from the box.
  • 8 lb, 150 yd

  • Anonymous says:

    My brother, who fishes a lot, recommended this line for me. It looks and feels like quality stuff and is very tough to break. I bought 8 pound test and even had problems cutting it with scissors I normally thought were sharp. Any ways, once I put this on my sons reels, I hated it. I had hoped that better line would improve performance in my inexpensive reels ($25 each), but it exasperated the situation. Not sure why, but the line felt like it was waxed, and bound-up quickly.I’m sure it performs well for others, as it does for my brother. As for me, I’m looking for something else.UPDATE: 10 May 12 – I spooled-up an Abu Garcia Pro Max with my leftover line to see if I could get better results. Well,it doesn’t kink but it doesn’t cast well either. Best I could muster was around 50 feet. I can easily cast my cheap stuff three times that distance. What a disappointment.