EZOPower 5000mAh 2-Port USB Universal External Rechargeable Backup Battery for CellPhone, PDA Mobile Phone, Ebook, MP3 Players and More-Silver

EZOPower External Backup Battery is the perfect solution for emergency power and power on the go. It includes a built-in battery that can be recharged by provided USB cable. 2 USB output could charge 2 devices (Cellphone, iPhone, iPod, MP3, NDS, GPS, etc) at the same time. This is the perfect unit for campers, travelers, gadget enthusiasts, hikers, and power hungry consumers.

Brand new EZOPower rechargeable battery.

Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh

mini-USB Input: 5V 1000mA

USB Output 1: 1000mA

USB Output 2: 1000mA

Weight: 150g

Dimension: 106 x 57 x 15 mm

2 LEDs with 3 color indicates battery capacity

2 USB Port to charge up to 2 devices at the same time

Integrated microchip prevents overcharging

Recharge this battery by connecting mini-USB cable with PC/laptop

Package include battery, USB cable & adapters pin

Also works with original or generic USB cable.

Product Features

  • Compatibe with : HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE, Sensation 4G XE XL, EVO 3D, ThunderBolt, Inspire 4G, Sprint EVO, EVO Shift 4G, Desire Z
  • Google Nexus S / Motorola Atrix HD MB886, Arix, Triumph, Droid X 3 2 Bionic /
  • Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Epic 4G / Blackberry Curve, Storm, Storm2, Bold, Torch
  • iPhone 4s 4 3Gs 3G , ipad ; Nook Touch

  • Arganos says:

    Great Back up Battery After looking high and low for a backup battery for my USB devices I found this little box. It is very solidly made, and has a brush aluminum feel to it and plastic back. It has some weight to it, but not more than an average cell phone.Now the big deal of this pack is one thing….the Battery5000ma of it.Now a regular everyday “dumb” phone has about 1000ma battery, a Nintendo DS about 1000ma, a 3DS about 1300ma.So in order words, it’s HUGE :)It has two USB ports so it can charge two devices at the same time.It will charge your phone about the same speed as your computer will.I can’t test if it has actually 5000ma of juice but it did recharge my phone a couple of times and the 3DS as well on one charge. Since the actual charging takes electricity to do, I guess an average 1000ma phone battery will charge about 4.5 times (which seems about right on my real world tests).The price is unbeatable and I am very happy with the build quality. After having been burned before by ebay solar chargers and even a “high quality” Solio solar charger, I would HONESTLY say to skip both of those and just use this battery for emergency power.Cons:no real cons….It has LED’s on the front that can be bright if your in a dark room, flipping the battery over solves the problem.

  • Oldguy1019 says:

    Works as advertised I wish I didn’t need this charger but since current smart phones have a battery life of what seems like 15 minutes, it is a necessity and I’m glad I bought this one. When I’m hiking or geocaching and using the map app or GPS the charger is a great comfort to have alongI can plug in my Droid Razr when the battery is at about 20% and get a full charge and still have some capacity left on the charger. Charges my iPad, too, which is great since Apple insists that you have to use its wall plug or the iPad declares it’s not charging.Charger is a little bulky but not bad considering you get 5000 mAh. It takes longer than I would expect to recharge the charger, but nothing I can’t live with.