Solar Energy Essentials for the Homeowner: Common Questions about Solar Energy for the Home

Solar Energy Essentials for the Homeowner is the latest in a new Green series of titles by best selling Kindle author Blake Webster.
Purchasing a solar energy system for the home can be a very rewarding experience, but it also requires a substantial investment.
Explore commonly asked questions about solar energy for the home that include topics ranging from basic installation to money saving approaches, turning back the meter, solar batteries, energy efficiency and more.
Whether you want to reduce your utility bill or get off the grid, solar Energy Essentials for the Homeowner offers practical advice on achieving energy independence.

  • Anonymous says:

    My husband and I are interested in installing solar panels on our home and needed to find an easy way to find out more about them. Especially when it comes to hiring a contractor, we wanted to at least know what we should know and what questions we should ask to verify their knowledge. This is the go-to book! Anyone interested in finding out more about solar energy and how to use it as an energy source for your home will love this kindle book.Easy to follow, easy to read. I am happy to have found this! Highly recommend it.