Seiko Men’s SNE039 Solar Black Dial Watch

Seiko SNE039 solar Watch runs on Earth’s most reliable source of renewable energy! Constant power, courtesy of the sun! This Seiko solar watch recharges its battery over and over, instead of forcing you to buy new ones! It’s an earth-smart design built into a gorgeous silver-tone timepiece that’s sure to enhance your look, whether in formal or leisure situations. For durability, scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal covers the case. Stores up to two months of battery life on full solar charge; Black dial features silver tone details, date window at 3 o’clock; Push-button release clasp; Solar-powered, precise Quartz movement; Water-resistant to 30 meters under water.; Sun-sational wrist wear from trusted Seiko… buy now! Seiko SNE039 solar WatchSolar. No battery change required and powered by all types of light. solar cell with high performance electricity generation. Energy-efficient movement with long power reserve. This dress watch has a brushed and polished stainless steel case and bracelet which creates an elegant finish. The timepiece is constructed with a durable crystal that protects the black dial. LumiBrite hands and English/Spanish day/date calendar. 30 meters water resistant.

Product Features

  • No battery change required
  • Powered by all types of light
  • Solar cell with high performance electricity generation
  • Energy-efficient movement with long power reserve
  • Water-resistant to 99 feet (30 M)

  • Jonathan says:

    Great watch with a few small flaws. AppearanceI wanted a self-powered watch, but there are a lot of those. I bought this one because it was one of the best-looking. It’s a very flexible piece of hardware: it’s not too large or too small, looks nice with jeans or slacks, and is altogether a simple and classic everyday watch, a subtle accent for almost any outfit. The one unpleasant surprise in this department was how shiny the thing is. It’s not clear from Amazon’s picture, but almost every surface except for the bracelet is practically mirrored. The markers, the ring around the case, the hands–they GLEAM. It makes the watch a little more eye-catching than I’d thought.Solar powerThe guts of this particular watch–the Seiko V158 caliber, if you’re curious–have a 10 month power reserve after a single day’s exposure to strong sunlight. Um, awesome. I don’t worry about batteries.ReadabilityLook really close at the Amazon photo. There are tiny individual ticks for each minute. It’s not hard to see what the exact time is to the second. The day and date are also easy to read.Night readabilityThis watch uses a special kind of luminous paint called LumiBrite. Man, it’s great! It glows for a long time, and it doesn’t take bright light to get it going. My only complaint is that Seiko was a little stingy with the stuff–there are tiny glowing dots at each 5 minute mark, and just barely a sliver for each hand. If you’re not well-oriented, it can be hard to tell which of the glowing dots is at the 12 o’clock mark.FitHere the watch earns a rare thumbs down. The bracelet links are rather large. Taking off four links left the watch clearly too large, sliding around my arm and onto my hand when I moved my arm, the face moving askew or to the side of my arm. But take off five links and it’s suddenly so tight I can feel it grasping me and see the marks when I take it off. My wrist must be exactly the wrong size. Lame. Careful with this one if you have small wrists.AccuracyDoes it keep time? Yes. Because it’s basically a quartz watch with an extra system to get energy from light, it has the same accuracy as a quartz watch– +/- 15 seconds a month for this movement. Not bad at all. Many of the self-powered watches I was looking at were self-winding “automatic” watches–because of their mechanical movements, they’re prone to be off by much more than this.

  • Rivman says:

    . . . very elegant looking watch ! I purchased this particular Seiko watch after perusing the many, many watches available on This watch is nicely finished with a shiny chrome bezel surrounding the clearly marked black dial, and a satin sheen, silver link type adjustible band, with a pinch type locking clasp. It is solar powered and will run for 10 months after a full single charge, eliminating the need to replace watch batteries. It has a clearly visible, contrasting white, adjustable, day and date readout on the crown side of the watch. The case diameter is not too big, quite slim, and not bulky on the wrist. Best of all, the purchase price of this nice looking watch was very reasonable, with no delivery charges. If your looking for a simple watch that looks quite elegant, keeps accurate time, and won’t break the budget – this may be the watch for you !

  • E.K. says:

    Even my jeweler loves this watch! Very generous band. Nice weight. I had to have two links removed by my jeweler, and he really loved the watch. More than once he commented about what a nice watch it is. It was a Christmas gift for my husband, and although not much time has passed since Christmas, the watch is keeping perfect time and is just beautiful. I may steal it. Highly recommend.