EZOPower Black 2-Port Ultra High-capacity Portable External Rechargable Backup Battey Pack -10000mAh (2A/2A) for iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP3 Players, Tablet, GPS, DV Recorders, Mobile Phone, Android Phone, Cell Phone, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Pantch, Hwawei, Motorola, Palm, Casio, Sony PSP, Nintendo, Kindle Fire and more

EZOPower External Backup Battery is the perfect solution for emergency power and power on the go. It includes a built-in high capacity battery allows you to charge most electronic devices on the go. 3-Output could charge up to 3 devices (Cellphone, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablet, Kindle, NDS, GPS, Digital Camera, etc) at the same time. This is the perfect unit for campers, travelers, gadget enthusiasts, hikers, and power hungry consumers. Up to 50 hours Movie time for iPhone 4, 3Gs iPhone and 20 hours movie time for iPad, iPad 2. About 600% of iPhone 4 battery life and 125% of iPad2 iPad battery life.

Note: Out S is for Samsung Devices, Out I is Apple IPOD, IPone, IPad Devices,

Details and Specifications

Brand new EZOPower backup battery.
Battery type: Lithium Polymer
Battery capacity: 10,000mAh / 37WH
Input: 9V-15V 1000mA
USB Output 1: 5V 2000mA
USB Output 2: 5V 2000mA
DC Output 3: 9V/12V 2000mA
Weight: 304g

Dimension: 130 x 75 x 22 mm

4 LEDs indicates battery capacity

Charging indicate:LEDs turn on one by one,and LEDs will turn off when it is full charged.
When it is discharge,press the button,the first LED flicker

Press the button to display power and open up USB output

Integrated microchip prevents overcharging

It can auto detect load,if there have no load,or if the load is full charged,output will shut down after 30 Seconds

It can select DC output ot 9V or 12V by the switch,and the opposite LED will turn on when we select.

Recharge this battery with AC power adapter or vehicle cigarette adapter.

Package include battery, AC adapter, Car adapter, USB cable & adapter tips.

Also works with original or generic USB cable.

One year warranty from Manufacturer

Compatible with

Cellphone / iPhone / iPod / iPad / Tablet / MP3 / MP4/ E-readers/ Kindle / Sony PSP / Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSI / GPS / Digtial Camera

Product Features

  • Universal, Convenient, Portable, and Compact External Rechargable 10000mAh Ultra hight capacity back-up battery, Input:9V-15V/1000mA, Output: 2*USB 5V/2100mA, DC 9V/12V 2000mA
  • Dimension: 130 x 75 x 22 mm, Weight:304g. 4 LEDs indicates battery capacity, On/Off button to start or end charging
  • Compatible with most portable devices (Mobile Phones, Tablet PC, Music Players, Portable Gaming Devices, Digital Readers, Digital Camera etc.)
  • Charges via included USB cable + Includes interchangable charging tips such as mini USB, micro USB, and more for your convenience.
  • iPhone/ipad adapter is not includeded, but compatible with original iPhone/ipad data cable. Also works with original or generic USB cable

  • heri16 says:

    Nice, but watch out for capacity issues Size and weight exactly like a portable usb harddisk (which is exactly what I am looking for). It is able to quick charge all sorts of devices I can think of, due to built-in “samsung port”, which make all usb devices (not just samsung’s) think they are connected to a wall charger.Passthrough Mode: Able to charge usb devices while the battery pack itself is being charged. Nice!The auto power cutoff works as claimed, but the device being charged must be off, so that full-charge can be detected, (or else the battery pack will continue to supply power, which is correct behaviour).Every socket tip you would ever need is included from mini or micro usb to weirder types for photo frames or radios. Surprisingly, all accompanying cables are solidly built, including the very useful flexible springy cable. Included international AC wall charger and car charger are compact and light to be portable. The pack’s size was more manageable than I had initially thought, as its shape means smartphones can be held/gripped comfortably together while charging on the go.Generally satisfied. I calculated the capacity-to-weight ratio, and compared with other offerings, and found that it excels.Update: However, it might have capacity issues. I really wonder whether it does really hold 10000mah, or much less. I think their voltage convertor (from 3.7V LiPo to 5V USB) is inefficient and a lot energy could be loss as heat. This explains why it can charge my 1300mAh smartphone 5 times, my mobile 3G hotspot/mifi 3 times, but can only charge my 4400mah Kindle Fire only once, before running out of juice. Was expecting twice (will test further).

  • Andrew Pollack says:

    Maybe the best tech accessory I’ve ever purchased (and I purchase a lot of tech) I’ve been looking for EXACTLY this product for a long time. It is nearly perfect.Essentially, it is a portable battery — like a lot of other ones I’ve tried. I have one or two that work quite well for me, but I’d had none that could reliably put out the 750ma needed to both run and charge my Mifi at the same time. This one did.I dropped this in one pocket of my backpack, connected it to my 4G MiFi at 9am when I left the hotel room, and 9 hours later when I got back to the room it was still running, had 2/3 of a charge left in it, and the MIFI battery was still full. It was finally a “run all day and forget it” battery pack.It worked fantastically for me at the show because of a few key features:1. Though physically its not too big (about the size of a compact 3.5″ external drive enclosure) it packs a 10,000mAh lithium polymer battery.2. It has two USB power out ports that EACH put out 2.1 watts — as much as the power adapters for the iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The USB standard is 1/2 watt which is why most of these battery packs don’t properly charge and run (at the same time) an iphone or mifi let alone an iPad.3. One of the USB ports is marked with an “I” for iPad and is rigged so that it tells the iPad/iPhone etc. that it is an Apple charger. The device recognizes it as a charger and pulls the full fast charge. The other is marked with an “S” for Samsung and does the same thing for a Galaxy Tab 10.1 etc. This is the ONLY external battery or charger I’ve seen which can do this. Both ports also work for anything else I’ve tried.4. It is elegantly simple, but has all the features you want. For example, it has lights to indicate it is on or off, charging or not charging, and how much power is left in it. It will shut off on its own in 10 seconds if nothing is drawing power (preventing it from draining accidentally in your bag).5. It is attractively built, with a mirrored finish and bumpers on the side. It is compact and solid feeling with no sharp edges and nothing it doesn’t need. It has no huge ugly labels or decals.6. It comes with pretty much everything you need. It charges with 12v DC so along with the small block adapter, it comes with a cigarette lighter adapter to charge it in your car. It also has a DC output port that can push out 9v or 12v and a wide variety of output tips for common devices off that port.MY ONLY COMPLAINTS with this device are:-1 : The instructions are written in a nearly incomprehensible East-Asian-English attempt that leaves you scratching your head. Fortunately, there is very little you really need from the instructions to use it properly.-2 : It doesn’t come with a little cloth bag or case to hold it along with the various tips and such that it has. This is easily handled by finding a cloth bag of my own.

  • D. Goulian says:

    Well made, really charges Kindle Fire After trying no less than 3 other battery backup devices, I have finally found one that will charge the Kindle so I won’t get stranded on a trip without my books & movies. Apparently, the Kindle Fire needs some serious amp-hours to charge it up. The ZaggSparq 2.0 did not cut it, but this one at 10,000 mAH actually turns the battery icon green. The unit is solid, and appears to be well made. The user instructions are pretty bad english, but good enough to figure out. There is a switch on the side that lights an indicator to read either 9V or 12V, which bothered me a bit because I thought USB was 5V, but it seems to work. I don’t have an iPad to test it with, but it charges my iPhone just fine. Lights on the front tell you when the unit is charging from the wall socket, and they go out when its all charged up. They give you a ton of adapters too which is nice, but I’ll only ever use the usb cables that I already have. There is also a 12v car charger which is a nice touch. I would prefer a built-in wall charger to the wall plug, but I think the unit is too thin for that, so I can live with it. I would definitely recommend this device to anyone with a Kindle Fire.Success: I full charged the Kindle Fire last night, so this device does exactly what I had hoped. The device did NOT work with the original Kindle cable, which is strange. It would begin charging, then stop. However, when I used the small coiled USB cable that came with the power pack it worked perfectly. Again, highly recommend this device to anyopne with Kindle Fire.Update 4/30/12 – this device works nicely with the iPad 2 as well.