EZOPower 5200mAh Pocket Size External Battery Pack High Capacity Power Bank Charger 1A output with LED Flashlight for Apple iPhone 4 4s 3Gs 3G, iPod Touch / Amazon Kindle / Samsung Galaxy S3 S S2 S II, Advance, Galaxy Nexus, Epic 4G / Blackberry Torch Bold Curve / HTC Sensation 4G, XE, XL, One X, Thunderbolt, EVO Shift 3D, Inspire / LG Optimus V 2X 3D t / Motorola Droid Razr X 3 2 Bionic, Atrix 2, Triumph / Nokia Lumia 900 800 – (White)

EZOPower External Backup Battery is the perfect solution for emergency power and power on the go. It includes a built-in battery that can be recharged by provided USB cable. Charge your devices (Cellphone, iPhone, iPod, MP3, Kindle, NDS, GPS, etc) on the go. This is the perfect unit for campers, travelers, gadget enthusiasts, hikers, and power hungry consumers.

Brand new EZOPower backup battery.

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Battery Capacity: 5200mAh

Micro-USB Input: 5V 1000mA

USB Output: 5V 1000mA

Weight: 114g

Dimension: 85 x 41 x 24 mm

On/Off button to start/end charging

4 LEDs indicates battery capacity

Integrated microchip prevents overcharging

Recharge this battery by connecting micro-USB cable with PC/laptop

Package include battery, USB cable & adapters pin

Also works with original or generic USB cable

Product Features

  • Brand New EZOPwer External Backup Battery. Size is thin and lightweight, can easily slip into your pocket.
  • convenient, portable, and compact external rechargable back-up battery
  • Compatible with most portable devices (Mobile Phones, Music Players, Portable Gaming Devices, Digital Readers, etc.)
  • Charges via included USB cable + Includes interchangable charging tips such as mini USB, micro USB, and more for your convenience. Recharge battery with PC/Laptop USB port. Rechargeable cable provided.
  • Package include battery, USB cable & adapters pin

  • Dan says:

    None better There are no better portable USB batteries than the EZOPower High Capacity External Power Bank on the market. Every adapter imaginable are included. Even an adapter for a Kodak M883 camera.Perfect for hiking and camping because the EZO shuts off when the device its charging is full. You can go sleep with the EZO charging a smart phone and when you wake up 8 hours later both devices will have power. And its a flash light in a pinch.Easily powers a smart phone for an entire weekend.Note: I bought this from an AMAZON reseller and paid $22.99

  • Tornation says:

    Perfect! This product does its job! I own the Samsung galaxy s2 for T-mobile and it charges my phone about 2 and a half times. my battery is 1850Mah and last maybe around 4hrs depending what I use my phone for. I love this product and I received this in about 5 days. I recommend this product to everyone especially if your a traveler or when your away from home and know your phone battery is going to die.

  • Charles says:

    This thing is amazing! This little powerhouse has saved me a time or two on long plane rides let me tell you.I get about 3-4 charges from this battery before I have to recharge it. I like all the included adapters that let you charge yourvarious devices, like camera, mp3 player, etc. It’s a little thick, but slim enough to slide into your pocket.I wish the cord was built into it, but that really is just a personal preference.This is a great external battery that is small, holds a great charge, and looks cool! Highly recommend.