Amazon Kindle Touch Leather Cover, Olive Green

Amazon’s Kindle Touch Leather Cover

Protect Your Kindle Touch

Our sleek, form-fitted leather cover is perfect for protecting your Kindle Touch wherever you go. The premium, all-natural leather exterior looks and feels great, while the soft microfiber interior protects the screen from scratches. The cover is designed to fold back, so you can read comfortably with just one hand.

Secure Your Kindle

Our innovative cover is designed specifically for Kindle and secures your device without any hinges or straps. Simply place your Kindle on the form-fitted interior of the cover and then gently press the device into place.

Using Your Cover

Read Comfortably with One Hand

Reading with the cover on, you can easily access Kindle’s home button and power switch, while the rounded edges offer a perfect fit in your hands. The cover is designed to fold back, so you can read comfortably with just one hand.

On the Go

Thin, lightweight, and durable, this cover is perfect for taking your Kindle Touch wherever you go. The stylish, genuine leather exterior and form-fitting interior provide ultimate fit and protection without adding bulk.

Amazon's official Kindle Touch leather cover

Amazon’s official Kindle Touch leather cover features a genuine leather exterior and microfiber interior, and comes in four different colors.



Read comfortably with Amazon's Kindle Touch leather cover

Read comfortably with Amazon’s protective Kindle Touch leather cover.

Secures Kindle Touch without hinges or straps

The innovative, form-fitted interior design secures your Kindle Touch without hinges or straps.

Protect Kindle Touch on the go

Protect your Kindle Touch and read easily with one hand while you’re on the go.

Product Features

  • Sleek, lightweight design protects Kindle Touch without adding bulk
  • Premium leather exterior looks and feels great
  • Cover folds back for easy one-handed reading

  • Nicros says:

    I like it! So in reading the reviews before I got this cover I was quite worried… lots of people reported it feeling cheap, flimsy, overpriced etc. I was so concerned in fact I tried to cancel my order. I’m glad I wasn’t able to.It is perhaps not what people expect- the leather is not soft, but is rather pressed and almost polished. However, this cover does NOT feel cheap to me. It is stylish, super light, and fits the kindle without those annoying elastic loops or hooks on the corners. It fits within a rubberized groove on the cover, which not only gives it a very tight and secure fit, it also adds protection to the corners of the device and cover. It also feels quite secure in the hand.So, to sum up: Light, secure, well made and unobtrusive. The $40 price tag could be debated, but I actually don’t find it to be overpriced. I’m quite happy with it!

  • Graham says:

    Very light, but looks a little plasticky The Touch cover from Amazon has some good and some bad properties.On the good side, it’s very light: at 4 oz it is noticeably lighter than the previous generation of covers. My Kindle Touch fits in very snugly with no wasted space.On the negative side, it looks and feels rather plasticky. I ordered the plain black version and the front and back outer covers are a shiny black leather. At first I thought the back exterior was simply black plastic, and it took a close examination to realize it is the same leather as the front cover. The front inner cover is a soft felt. The inner body where the Kindle sits is plastic. There is no fastener or band to hold the cover closed.This is my fourth Kindle and cover. The Touch cover looks much more like a “gadget” cover than the earlier ones. It looks rather like an old Palm PDA cover I had, or like some ipod covers. The previous Kindle covers had a textured leather appearance and they looked more like book or notebook covers.Right now I am having rather mixed reactions. I definitely like the fact that it adds so little weight to the Kindle. However it does look rather cheap. For $40 I was expecting a little more.I think I am going to have to use this for a while before reaching a final conclusion.Update November 29th: Tastes will vary, but in the end I decided that this was not the right look or feel for me and I have switched to a different cover (the ). That is similar to the old Kindle 3 cover, with a textured leather appearance and an elastic fastener strap.