5mw 532nm Astronomy Powerful Green Laser Pointer – Black

Black Dimple Finish High Power Green Laser. We ensure that every high power green laser pointer is hand calibrated and tested to output at least 4.99mw and thus offers the expected stunning power expected of a real constant wave green (532nm) laser pointer, much brighter to look at than a regular red laser pointer and always with a visible green beam. This high power green laser pointer will impress your coworkers, family and friends. Use it for your next presentation and everybody will know that you are ahead of the latest technology.

Product Features

  • Range of over 12,000 ft. Astronomy grade laser Class 3a
  • Beam can be seen in midair at night
  • Output power: 5mW, wavelength: 532nm
  • Operated by 2 x AAA batteries (Not Included)
  • Body material: Brass, Body color: Matte Black

  • JackOfAll says:

    Great for amateur astronomy I have only had this for one day, but I can say that it is easily powerful enough to point out specific objects in the night sky, even before it is completely dark. I live on the edge of a major metropolitan area with significant light pollution and could still easily see the beam.This laser is also easily bright enough to direct someones attention in a very well lit room, regardless of size. If a red laser pointer isn’t up to the job, this one will be. I would keep a red one around, though, as this one was too bright to me in my house.Most of my pets didn’t seem to care for it and ignored it, even though they like to play with red lasers, so I would stick with cheap red ones for that purpose. The one that did pay attention to it still didn’t play with it, just watched it.As for construction, the button slides around a bit, but everything else seems to have a tight fit. So far the loose button has not had a negative impact on operation. It looks nice with a matte finish on the black portion. It simply says “* Laser Pointer *” on the pocket clip, no other markings except for the laser warning label.The laser requires that you hold the button down to keep it on, but I prefer it this way as a safety precaution. The laser is extremely bright and I wouldn’t want it on if it were dropped or carelessly handled.The product comes with no details about the manufacturer, distributor, or warranty, so don’t expect warranty service. The only box marking is on the inside of the top: “Laser Pointer”.

  • Kurt says:

    nice price for a decent green laser Out of curiosity I bought 1 of these last summer, then after testing for a whilepurchased ten more as christmas gifts for family/friends.I tested them all out before giving away. 6 or 7 had very strong, even beams even with the no-name (included) batteries. My father/brother and best friends got these. If you haven’t seen a green laser you’ll be amazed at the intensity and distance you can get out of it. Too bright for indoor presentations though!2 or 3 of te ten had weaker beams, but still stronger than a quality red laser pointer so I still gave these out.1 had a bright hot beam to start, but ever time after 1 or 2 seconds would ‘weaken’ significantly and slightly flicker. I didn’t bother sending this back, just keep it as a back-up.The original one from summer 2009 is still going strong, probably use it every week or so just to have fun. Outdoors in heavy fog/mist the visible beam is especially impressive.As others have said be very aware that not only a direct shot to the eyes is very dangerous, but also a reflection. It doesn’t take a mirror either, any smooth surface (i.e. a window) can will reflect enough of the beam to do permanent eye damage, and something like a glass or complex shape will send reflections in unpredicatble directions.Anyway, since I’ve bought so many though I’d leave a review of this quite nice pruduct for the price.