Pro Elite Wireless Controller for PS3

The Pro EX Controller for PS3 features a unique ergonomic design in a corded controller! Part of the POWER A Pro Series and designed to give gamers an edge, the Pro EX has the top features gamers want, like reverse analog sticks, dual rumble motors for a more immersive gaming experience, and LED illuminated action buttons. Game sessions can go on and on thank to custom textured grips and a full body soft-touch surface, and custom designed concave L2 and R2 buttons for improved comfort and gameplay. Attached 10-ft/3-m cable provides extended reach. Keep a second or third Pro EX on hand for multiplayer sessions. Includes: Pro EX Controller with 10-ft/3-m cable. Developed by POWER A.

Product Features

  • Pro Series wireless controller with built-in rechargeable battery and motion sensing technology – works with SIXAXIS compatible games.
  • Reverse analog sticks for precision game control.
  • Dual rumble motors for an enhanced gaming experience.
  • Custom textured grips and full body soft-touch surface.
  • Includes: Wireless Controller, USB Controller Adaptor/Receiver, 6ft/1.8m USB Charging Cable

  • Sivraj says:

    Close, but no cigar Personally, i feel the the 360 has a great controller for their system. Not that the PS3’s is bad, but i really do enjoy the size of the 360’s controller. So, when i first heard of this 360 controller for the PS3, i was pretty excited about it.Unfortunately, it seems like i may have to keep looking.The Pro Elite Wireless Controller for PS3 looks pretty great at first, and, in all honesty, isn’t that bad. But it seems like it could have been so much better. The product ships with the controller, a USB dongle (for your wireless play), and a cord to charge it with.Pros:1) Great size and weight. Very similar to the Xbox’s2) Buttons have a nice glow feature that can be turned on or off by holding the select button and hitting the circle button.3) Improved triggers (L2/R2). They’re not quite a big as the 360’s and they aren’t as mushy as the PS3’s. It’s a nice hybrid.4) The D-Pad seems to function well. Not as good as the PS3’s in my opinion, but certainly much better than the 360’s.Neutral (Pro or Con?):1) The Grip: I wasn’t quite sure where to put this so I’ll just mention it here. The grip has a rough, somewhat jagged surface. It seems like it will give you a great grip in long play sessions when your hands may get a bit sweaty, but it also seems like it may hurt some people’s hands. I was indifferent about it.Con:1) HUGE dead zone in the analog sticksHonestly, this con killed it for me. For those who may not understand what a dead zone is: It is basically the area on the analog stick where the controller won’t respond. For example, if you ever so slightly nudged the analog stick on your PS3 controller, you’d notice nothing would happen. However, if you pushed it about half way to the edge, you’d noticed that the controller finally responds. That area where it doesn’t respond is considered the “dead zone”.On this controller, the dead zone seems way too large. While this may not matter for all games, it can be horrible for games that require you to be a bit more precise. For example, while playing Call of Duty, it was very difficult for me to get those slight adjustments in my aim.Overall, the controller is decent. Not terrible, but not that great either. If they ever fix the dead zone in the future, than this controller would easily be worth a 4/5 or 5/5.

  • J. Rogers says:

    After extensive use, I have a verdict Okay, I will say this. Out of every video game controller I have ever used, and I have pretty much used them all, the Xbox 360’s controller is my favorite. It has the perfect weight, the triggers are placed in the perfect position, the thumbsticks have the concave(inward) groove to have your thumb rest in, and the most important feature for me, and many others: the reversed analog sticks. Now as much as I love my PS2 and PS3, I couldn’t do extensive gaming sessions because I have larger hands and having the thumbsticks mounted at the bottom of the controller started to take wear on my hands quickly each time I picked up the controller. However, seeing how my 360 died not too long ago, I was/am left only with my PS3, and the controller I fear. What was I to do? Well Power A came to the rescue, and not only did they restore the happiness of my hands with a PS3 controller, Power A also proved that third party companies can make great products with the right resources and commitment.First of all, you get all the features of the Sony brand in here. Six-Axis, dual rumble, and a built-in rechargeable battery; for $39.96 whereas the Sony brand is still $54.99. Now as for the performance, this is where I was on the fence about picking up this controller. I heard that the response time of the analog sticks were horrible and that the buttons would stick. Well after playing nearly 15 hours of Fallout New Vegas, I have had only one little kink, and that is if you have something blocking the dongle that is plugged into your usb slot, the controller will sync up around the obstruction. Example, I was my bed and I had my controller propped up my knees. My hands fell into my lap, and the controller’s led ring blinked for about 3 seconds and presto, no problems after that. My knees were between my usb dongle and my controller, and it still worked great.Now as for the unresponsiveness of the analog sticks. Honestly I haven’t had any lag or dead-zones. On top of that, I’m using the Grip-Its on top of the sticks, and they still are flawless. Again, been playing New Vegas for about 15 hours, and no problems aiming in any direction…its just as smooth and responsive at the Sony analog sticks. Button sticking was a problem I haven’t come across yet, either. As for the texturing on the sides of the controller, I don’t get why its causing tons of concern. The only way I see the grips becoming a problem is if you are gripping your controller like a vice.Overall, I’m 110% satisfied with this controller, and can easily recommend it to anyone who has a PS3, but wants a 360-like design for it…and without sacrificing any of the features of the original Dualshock 3. And one more thing, the battery life for the Power A is just as long as the Dualshock 3, and fortunately charges faster too. I’m actually considering getting a few as gifts for friends. Nice job Power A, you have a happy customer!