Missing Green

  • Bob02 says:

    Here’s what to expect from the latter half of season 1 This review is written by a totaly blind viewer. Yes, I used those words together in a sentence. So don’t expect anything too terribly visual here. That also means I won’t be discussing picture quality and all that technical stuff either. Bores me to tears anyway. Anyway, on with the contents of this set. My mega boxset from Timelife arrived a day or so before I happened upon this preorder and am writing this review as of 8-14-2012, and it contains this exact same title, naturally. So here’s what you’ll be getting should you purchase this half season set from run of the mill DVD joints or amazon.com this November. You’ll get the remaining 30 episodes that comprise the second half of season 1.31. Calamity Kimberly32. A Star is Born(First MMPR episode I ever saw back in May of 94 as a rerun of course, so this one holds a special place in my heart for getting me hooked.)33. The Yolk’s on You!34. The Green Candle, Part I35. The Green Candle, Part II( I was and still am a big Tommy/Green/White ranger fan so I loved these.)36. Birds of a Feather37. Clean-Up Club38. A Bad Reflection on You39. Doomsday, Part 140. Doomsday, Part II(2 of my favs from this set.)41. A Pig Surprise42. Something fishy43. Lions and Blizards44. Rita’s Seed of Evil45. To Flea or Not to Flea46. Rain of The Jellyfish47. Crystal of Nightmares48. Plague of The Mantis49. Return of an Old Friend, part I50. Return of an Old Friend, part II(fantastic 2 parter)51. Grumble Bee52. Two Heads Are Better Than One53. Fowl Play54. Trick or Treat55. Second Chance56. On Fins and Needles57. Enter…The Lizzinator(Yes, said monster’s cheesy Schwarzenegger acsent cracks me up to this day.)58. Football Season59. Mighty Morphin’ Mutants60. An Oyster Stew For those of you parents or kids who would like a summary of the 2nd half of season one, it is as follows and spoiler free. Rita Repulsa continues her attacks on Angel Grove. But she has not forgotten the Green Rangers abandoning her malevolent cause, so she plans revenge. She also sends down more powerful monsters than ever including the nearly indestructable hatchasaurus, the shapeshifting Cyclops, the scheming and dishonorable Mantis,the Two-headed Parrot, the Grumble Bee, and the Mutant Rangers led by the insidious Commander Crayfish. But Zordon has trained the Rangers well, and defeat is not an option, even when a devastating warzord is unleashed to annihilate them. Timelife is also offering a 6 disc set comprising the entirety of season 1 if anyone’s interested in spending a wee bit more to obtain the entire first season. Also, to my surprise, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers complete series does not contain the Today on Power Rangers teasers at the beginning of each episode. The recaps and next ons are included with Turbo, Space, and Lost Galaxy, but they’re all missing from Mighty Morphin seasons 1-3 and the Alien Rangers miniseries. No one is sure why they weren’t included, but hopefully they’ll be available as bonus content in future releases. Other than that, the half season sets are a must own if you’re a Power Rangers fan and can’t aford the huge 40 DVD7 season boxset from Timelife. Since this is coming out November 20, it would also make a great stocking stuffer for the kiddos. So keep that in mind as well, parents. Buy them season 1 part 1 now, and make them behave in order to receive the latter half for Christmas! How deliciously diabolical is that? But seriously, I’m thinking kids today will enjoy the original Power Rangers just as much as their elders. Anyway, preorder or purchase this baby depending on when you’re reading this. It’s entertaining for young and old fans alike.Update as of 9-12-2012: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Complete19 disc series containing all 3 seasons and Alien Rangers miniseries will be hitting store shelves and amazon.com on 11-20-2012! That’s the same day on which season 1 part 2 will be released. Just got an e-mail from tvshowsondvd which showcases a press release by Shout! Factory and it is also available to view on their website. So those of you who desire to own all 155 episodes of mighty Morphin but don’t want to order via timelife only have to wait a few more months before you’re able to hold it in your hands! This will contain two bonus discs packed with special features. Try stuffing THAT in your stocking this Christmas! Best of luck with your purchase decisions, folks.

  • Silverback_Christianpaw says:

    Content Listing The Power Transfer Pt. 1 (87)The Power Transfer Pt. 2 (88)”Goldar’s Vice Versa” (89)”Mirror of Regret” (90)”When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?” (91)”Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun” (92)Light’s Camera Action (93)”Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire” (84)Scavenger Hunt (95)”The Great Bookala Escape” (96)”Forever Friends” (97)A Reel Fish Story (98)Rangers Back in Time Pt. 1 (99)Rangers Back in Time Pt. 2 (100)The Wedding Pt. 1 (101)The Wedding Pt. 2 (102)The Wedding Pt. 3 (103)Return of the Green Ranger Pt. 1 (104)Return of the Green Ranger Pt. 2 (105)Return of the Green Ranger Pt. 3 (106)”Best Man for the Job” (107)Storybook Rangers Pt. 1 (108)Storybook Rangers Pt. 2 (109)Wild West Rangers Pt. 1 (110)Wild West Rangers Pt. 2 (111)Blue Ranger Gone Bad (112)This set has the last 26 episodes of Season 2 and honestly it’s like a breath of fresh air. In the first volume of Season 2 most of the episodes are tarnished with the fact that Jason. Trini, and Zack left the show and it’s covered up with re-used footage, re-used audio, bad stand-ins, far away shots, different voice actors, and whatnot. But this season starts with the transfer to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha and it’s nice to have power rangers back to normal for Season 2.