Luminous Style Glowing Hard Bumper Skin Back Case Cover For iPhone 5 5G 5th Green

This cool luminous iphone 5 case brings a whole new level of technology to iphone 5 users. most of the iphone cases are for protection only, but the luminous iphone case not only gives your iphone a total protection, but also makes your iphone so unique and enjoyable. this iphone case is ultra thin, so that you wont even feel its existence when you are holding your iphone, thanks to the precise cutting technology. after all, it is definitely the best choice for your iphone, because it makes yours stands out from others.

Product Features

  • This stylish cool luminous iphone case is specially designed for iPhone fans
  • It is made of high quality PC plastic, and gives you a comfortable smooth feeling when holding your iphone
  • it is never been a better way to show off your iphone, and make your iphone stands out from others
  • This case has to absorb solar energy before it luminates, it does not luminate by itself
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 5 5G 5th from AT&T ,VERIZON,SPRINT

  • Anonymous says:

    this is exactly what i wanted and i looks really cool if you want to put a picture or something on the back. It may not glow but its not a big deal

  • Anonymous says:

    Flimsy, plastic back scratches with your fingernail, needs uv rays to glow, meaning the sun or a black light is needed to make it glow. I mean really? When I was 4 years old (20 years ago) they had the technology to make things glow using just a lamplight. This “phone case” actually makes me feel retarded for buying it. Safe a few bucks and get a different case. The makers of this case should crawl in a hole

  • Anonymous says:

    the pictures look much cooler than the actual case… very faint glow for a short period of time, pretty lightweight