iGo PS00133-2007 Laptop Anywhere Charger (Green)

Charge almost any laptop from this power saving wall charger. Integrated iGo Green Technology automatically reduces wasted standby power – no need to unplug the charger.iGo’s Green technology limits the amount of standby power wasted – by virtually detecting when a device is pulling power. When the device no longer needs power, iGo green adapters automatically shut off – reducing the amount of electricity waste. There is no need to remember to unplug the adapter to save energy, this power adapter does the thinking and energy saving for you. What is standby Power? Standby power, also called vampire power, vampire draw, phantom load, or leaking electricity, refers to the electric power consumed by electronic appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode. A very common “electricity vampire” is a power adapter which has no power-off switch. In study’s performed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory indicated that Standby power consumption accounts for approximately 10% of total residential electricity consumption in America, adding up to more than 3 Billion Dollars in annual energy costs. Some such devices offer remote controls and digital clock features to the user, while other devices, such as power adapters for laptop computers and other electronic devices, consume power without offering any energy saving features. Until NOW!!!! With iGo’s Green technology products, you can save the standby power wasted – automatically! No need to remember to unplug your laptop, iGo does the GREEN thinking for you!

Product Features

  • Engineered to charge a wide range of laptop computers and will also charge a USB device at the same time
  • Weighing less than a pound, this compact charger is powerful enough to provide 90W to laptop computers and 2.1A to USB devices
  • iGO Green Technology enables automatic power-down when charger is not in use, using 85% less standby power than a standard laptop charger
  • Built-in safety features include surge protection, over-temperature protection, over-current protection, and voltage protection
  • Compatible with laptops made by Acer, ASUS, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Panasonic & More

  • David A. Cox says:

    Pretty good, but… I purchased one of the earlier iGo laptop chargers, and used it for years, with the optional splitter to allow it to also charge my phone and PDA at the same time. Great gadget. With this new version, they’ve changed the design so that a) it shuts off when the current drops below a trip threshold, and b) that they are going to the USB charger approach, so assuming that whatever device you have can be charged via either a standard USB-A connector (which is on this charger), or through one of iGo’s USB charge adapter cables.My gripes are – first, for folks that are used to their older chargers which just “worked”, this thing should have a more obvious “Press here to start charge” on it. I actually wasn’t sure if it was even working, when I plugged it in, and the laptop indicated no charge happening. I had to read the quick start guide to figure out that you need to push the big green button to make it work. They really should have designed it so that when you plug it in to the wall it should ASSUME that you want to charge something (why else would you plug it in??), and turn it self on.Second – it also should have a mode where it will run for an extended period as a “normal power provider” (always on, aka NOT green), where it would continue to source a small amount of current to a laptop in use, to keep the laptop in “AC Run” mode. There is no reason they couldn’t make a default where it will run for say 4 hours automatically after plug in, and after than go into its power save mode. Or, use a “hold the button down” to lock place it into this mode, then after a while revert to “green mode” (again, maybe 4 or 6 hours) and shut off completely when charge is done.As a wish list item (assuming a product designer of this thing might actually read this) – it could optionally go through a cycle, where even after it has shut it self off, it could wake up periodically and check the charge on the device it’s connected to (perhaps every few days) to help keep your battery charged, since many batteries don’t like going in to deep discharge (which is exactly why most companies chargers always stay on in trickle mode, wasting that little bit-o-juice).Finally, some of the toys out there require more than 5VDC (or even AC) to charge them, so a USB charge adapter doesn’t work. So, if your toy doesn’t already charge from a USB cable/power supply, you will likely need to buy yet another adaptor, since it won’t work with this one. I’m sure Amazon would be happy to sell you one…I hope this unit also gives me the years of service that the previous one did (which my wife still uses).

  • JMG says:

    Don’t waste your money At first it seemed like a cool product. I liked the usb feature figuring i could use it to charge my ipod or phone, but soon after using the charger i realized how bad the “green” feature really is. It is good in theory but really unpractical in its application. This thing continually shuts off whenever you don’t want it to which causes your battery to run all the way down when you don’t realize it. As soon as it senses a full charge it turns off automatically. You have to manually turn it back on which is annoying as can be and the worst part is after a few weeks this charger had effectively ruined the battery in my laptop. My battery no longer can hold a full charge and will die in about 30 minutes if i use it unplugged because the battery was constantly drained completely when the stupid thing would turn off on its own. Now after spending about $100 on this charger I also have to purchase a new battery as well as a new charger because i will never use this one again. Huge waste of money. I would not recommend this to anyone because you will probably end up costing you more in the end than it’s worth.

  • Justbeinghonest... says:

    Make sure you read this one There are a lot of mixed reviews out there on this charger, but (as with everything) this product requires an understanding of it’s purpose. This charger is designed to eliminate the waste of a charger that stays plugged in 24/7 but only charges at certain times throughout the week. Basically it just unplugs iteself when it senses the battery is fully charged. Yes, you have to press the button to get it to start charging- this wakes the unit up and allows it to start charging. As far as it running the battery down, you just have to hit the button again if it isn’t charging to your liking. To some that may sound like too much work- but read the manual- that is exactly how it is designed to work.Bottom line- it does what it says. When it is charging it works fine. When it is done charging it shuts off and stops using electricity. It’s pretty simple for those who don’t want to unplug a charger whenever they aren’t using it. You have to plug it in- what’s the big deal about hitting a button to start charging?