Green Coffee Bean Energy AND Slender Cleanse Advanced-2 Advanced Formula’s Working Together to Help You Lose Weight AND Gain Energy! All Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract is “Jitter-Free” With The TV Doctor’s Required 50% Chlorogenic Acids Perfectly Matched to a Controllable Colon Cleanse for MAXIMUM RESULTS to Help You Lose Weight Fast! – 2 BEST SELLING PRODUCTS FOR THE PRICE OF 1! (Bundle)


Weight Loss and Fat Burning has Never Been Easier with Green Coffee Bean Energy and Slender Cleanse Advanced!The ULTIMATE Weight Loss Bundle! Your FAVORITE TV Doctor demands-Where did the bean come from? -Is the extract 100% pure? -Does it have the right dose per serving? -Does it contain atleast 50% Chlorogenic Acid?

Green Coffee Bean Energy was developed with the TV doctor’s strict criteria for the proper Green Coffee Supplement. Here’s his recommendation, which is seen on his website… The good TV doctor recommends taking 800mg twice a day, 30 minutes before meals (That’s 1600mg a day total). …He recommends that the product be 100% pure, have absolutely no fillers, no binders, no artificial ingredients and in a pure vegetarian capsule. And most importantly they must contain at least 50% chlorogenic acid, which is the key to weight loss.

Slender Cleanse Advanced is an all natural gentle and controllable method to break up and flush away POUNDS of unwanted toxins and build up from the walls of your colon and intestines. Skinny jeans here you come!!!


ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM: Weight Gain *Acne *Sluggishness *Mood Swings & Irritability* Gas & Bloating* Sleeping Problems* Constipation???
It’s Time to Cleanse Your way to a NEW YOU with Slender Cleanse Advanced and Green Coffee Bean Energy!

NOTE: This product is specifically designed for men and women that NEED TO LOSE MORE THAN 10 LBS

*If you LOSE MORE THAN 10 POUNDS your first week please discontinue use*

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Product Features

  • -> AS SEEN ON TV Doctor’s “Miracle Fat Burner in a Bottle” and the Perfect Colon Cleanse!
  • -> 100% Natural Veggie Caps with a FULL 50% Chlorogenic Acids- Absolutely No Fillers, No Binders, No Artificial Ingredients!
  • -> THE ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS BUNDLE!- Safe, Effective, Convenient and All Natural
  • -> Less than 5% Caffeine for “Jitter-Free” Maximum Weight Loss and Energy Boost!
  • -> $100 Value for Only $25.77! + A to Z MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

  • BRT says:

    Don’t bother with reviews The product may be perfectly good, I haven’t tried it. However, when the company stoops to placing a number of fake reviews, how or why would you take a chance on their products?It is clear the reviews are planted. Every reviewer is reviewing the same items from the same company and none of them have reviewed any other item.It is too bad. I’d really thought the products were worth trying until I realized the scam.

  • Dr. Mark Joseph says:

    Wow, More engery and dropped a few LBS! I have to say I have been extreemly pleased with my purchase! I was turned on to the Green Coffee Bean Energy after watching the Dr. Oz show. I tried a different product and did not see any results. I figured it was the quality that made the difference, so I searched Amazon for the best products related to Green Coffee Bean and found this one. I ordered it together with another product that was recommended, and boy did it work fast! It was called Slender Cleanse Advanced. It must be the combination of the two products together. It has been a week and I have so much more energy and have lost 7 pounds. I am very happy with this product! Thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    This is really a nice product and it does not contain any other chemicals ingredients without any side effect. The procedure for taking this capsule is very simple and it doesn’t restrict me for fasting and make me to feel as normal. I think everyone has to go with the product that gives you no side effect.