Floureon 3 Packs Cordless Telephone Battery for AT&T/Lucent 3101, 3111,BT-8001, BT-8300, SL82118, SL82208, SL82218, SL82308, SL82318, SL82408, SL82418, SL82518, SL82558, SL82658, Motorola T31, T3101, Philips SJB-2121, Uniden BT1011

Compatible with Models:
AT&T/Lucent: 3101, 3111, AT-3201, AT-3211-2, BT-18433, BT-184342, BT-28433, BT-284342, BT-6010, BT-8000, BT-8001, BT-8300, CL74209, CL74309, CL80109, CL81109, CL81209, CL81309, CL82109, CL82209, CL82309, CL82359, CL82409, CL82509, CL82589, CL82609, CL82659, CL82859, CL84109, CL84209, CL84309, EL51109, EL51209, EL51359, EL52109, EL52209, EL52259, EL52309, EL52409, SL80108, SL81108, SL82000, SL82108, SL82118, SL82208, SL82218, SL82308, SL82318, SL82408, SL82418, SL82518, SL82558, SL82618, SL82658, TL86109, TL90078, TL92278, TL92328, TL92378, AT3201, AT3211-2, AT32112, BT18433, BT184342, BT28433, BT284342, BT6010, BT8000, BT8001, BT8300
Clarity: 50613.002, D603, D613, D613C, D613HS
Dantona: BATT-6010, BATT6010
Empire: CPH-515D, CPH515D
Energizer: ER-P295, ERP295
GE: 2-5210, 2-5250, 2-5423, 2-5424, 2-5425, 2-7902, 2-7903, 2-7909, 2-7911, 2-7950, 2-7951, 2-7955, 2-7956, 2-8107, 2-8127, 2-8203, 2-8213, 2-8223, 2-8801, 2-8802, 2-8811, 2-8821, 2-8851, 2-8861, 2-8871, 5-2734, 5-2814, 5-2826, 5-2840, H-5250, H-5401, 27902BE1, 27902CE1, 27903BE1, 27903DE1, 27903FE1, 27909EE1, 27911EE1, 27950EE1, 27951EE1, 27956FE1, 28127FE2, 28213EE1, 28213EE2, 28223EE2, 28802FE1, 28811FE2, 28821FE2, 28821FE3, 28821FJ3, 28871FE2, 28871FE3, 28871FE3-A, 25210, 25250, 25423, 25424, 25425, 27902, 27903, 27909, 27911, 27950, 27951, 27955, 27956, 28107, 28127, 28203, 28213, 28223, 28801, 28802, 28811, 28821, 28851, 28861, 28871, 52734, 52814, 52826, 52840, H5250, H5401, 28871FE3A

Product Features

  • Package including: 3 packs batteries.
  • Type: Replacement Battery. Reachargeable: Yes. Chemistry: Ni-MH
  • Voltage: 2.4V. Capacity: 900mAh. Color: Fruit Green
  • Unit Weight: 22.00g. Total Weight: 85.00g.
  • Brand New.

  • Anonymous says:

    These are the same identical batteries that come in my cordless phone. The price is very good for all the phones I have!

  • Anonymous says:

    Exactly as advertised. Works well. Talk time definitely way up over old original batteries. Fits well. Wire slightly longer than original (good).

  • Anonymous says:

    I bought an ATT cordless phone system (3 headsets) last year, and the phones started acting weird. I sometimes did not get dialtones, got static, and kept losing charge on the cordless phone headsets.I got the pack of 3 batteries to see if they fixed some of the problems I had. And, they seemed to have done the trick. I usually have office conf. calls that last for upto an hour, and with the original batteries, I would always lose charge in the middle of the call even when I had charged the phones just before the call. Now, with the new batteries, this is not happening.So far, it has been only couple of weeks that I have used them. I am not sure how long these batteries will last. For now, I am happy.